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Meet Sean, Business Admin Apprentice

"For those who love what we make, the future of television is looking really exciting."

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Sean McKenna

Business Administration Apprentice, Livingston

Corporate and Consumer | 25 March 2024 | 6 mins

As a Business Administration Apprentice, my work at Sky is very varied. Thanks to the team rotations, which is one of my favourite things about the role. I was previously working on complex provisioning tasks to resolve customer installation issues.

But, I am now primarily working on inputting and sorting financial data. When I'm not working with my team or learning new elements about my role, I will usually work on my coursework with my fellow apprentices. Which provides a range of exciting challenges.

What is it that you love most about your role?

As apprentices, our experiences are valued, and we work directly with the program's coordinators to see how we can collectively improve it.

When I expressed how helpful a written guide would be for particular billing tasks, I was supported & encouraged to create a new process.

Since I have been here, I have helped streamline process documents and more, everyone's opinions are respected here, and there is a real sense of community.

Describe a project or career highlight where you were able to make a difference.

I think I made a difference when the other billing operation apprentices and I helped with a career fair at a local high school near Watermark.

 I assisted with a presentation to a large audience of senior-year students. I spoke about my initial experiences with Sky and the range of career opportunities available. At the booth afterwards, we met with some students keen to apply to next year's program and answered some of their questions. I felt I was making a positive impact by highlighting a great opportunity to those looking to take the next step after secondary education.

At Sky, we’re always challenging ourselves to deliver the next big thing. Describe what that’s like and why it’s exciting.

Sky is always at the forefront of innovation. As a football fan, the innovations in how we watch football are inspiring, whether that is the new Game Mode. Which brings all the camera action of a video game to a real-life match or the possibilities that Sky Immersive will get to feel like you are practically pitch-side. 

I am currently working on a presentation about the exciting developments of the Sky Live camera. This allows you to watch with your friends when you can't be together in person, which makes a game more fun. Working at Sky is all about passion and using those passions to envision a better way of doing things for everyone.

So, for those who love what we make, the future of television is looking really exciting.

How is Sky an inclusive place to work where you can be yourself

Sky is a very accommodating employer. Program coordinators routinely check on you, and everyone wants to help you feel at home.

Our modern open-plan offices and team rotations allow you to get to know your colleagues quickly. There is an excellent atmosphere of encouragement, as people are genuinely interested in your career journey and seeing you succeed.

I enjoy the dynamic of the hybrid working model. Being able to occasionally work from home, with the time saved from travel, allows me to be more active and social after work.

However, I still look forward to my office days. Despite the travel and earlier rises, you can spend more time with your colleagues and enjoy the fantastic amenities, like the coffee bar and tasty food options.

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