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Meet Aaron, Customer Service Apprentice

"Your team will always support you in any way you need, and the results will follow."

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Aaron Stuart

Customer Service Apprentice, Dunfermline

Customer Facing | 26 March 2024 | 8 mins

How did you feel on your first day in the office?

To be honest, I was very nervous. I had never worked in an office environment before and did not know what to expect. This feeling was quickly put to bed when I realised how down-to-earth everyone was.

I was made to feel nothing short of comfortable and instantly felt like Sky was right for me. Everyone was so inviting and wanted to know me. I quickly gained a few work friends, and to this day, we keep in touch and do things outside of work.

My advice to anyone considering joining Sky is not to let office culture scare you.

No matter your background, there will be a place at Sky and people for you, too. This advice comes from someone whose only work experience was being on the tools daily, working in a new "office" with new people daily. As mentioned, do not let this scare you off applying, as the fear will soon disappear once you're here.

What made you want to join us?

I wanted a career change, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

I noticed that Sky was hiring, and my thought process was that it is a huge company, and I bet there were loads of jobs there. So, I decided to try to get in as an advisor and then figure out what I wanted to do next.

I was not wrong to think this way. Since getting the job, I have started to map out my career path, and I have amazing mentors who have helped me do this. I have an incredible manager who constantly supports my growth, giving me every opportunity that comes her way and supporting me along my career journey. Sky is a big place, and getting your foot in the door is valuable.

There are so many different paths to get to where you want to be, and there is absolutely something for everyone here at Sky. Your team will always support you in any way you need, and the results will follow.

What have you enjoyed most about your Apprenticeship?

It would be unfair to pick one part of the programme. Working at Sky has been the best time of my life, and I have met so many amazing people I now call my friends. It has truly been an unforgettable experience, and I look forward to what the future holds.

How do you feel about your team, and how have they supported you during your time with us?

My team feels more like a family rather than a team. We all came in at the same time and were in the same position, which brought us closer together. It made me want to commute daily to the office instead of working from home.

Every day was fun, and even if I was having one of those days that we all have when nothing goes our way – there was always someone who would cheer me up, and all those things that were bothering me would quickly disappear. The best part of this programme has been getting to know my team.

What has been the best moment of your time at Sky so far?

It would have to be visiting Osterley, and both times I've visited have been as good as each other. It really inspired me when I was there and helped me understand the bigger picture of Sky.

As soon as I stepped foot in Osterley, I knew I wanted to work there.

When you think of a headquarters, you probably imagine an abundance of offices all side by side, like in the movies. Osterley could not be any different.

It's like a village bursting with life and different personalities. Everyone has a smile on their face, and it brings a sense of togetherness when you see it—well, it did for me!

It was by far the best moment I have experienced in my time at Sky, and it was an absolute privilege to be able to do it.

How did your friends/family feel about you starting an apprenticeship with us?

Well, if I'm being honest, they were not too happy.

I had always said I wanted to be a tradesman and was on the path to becoming a fully qualified gas engineer. Then, out of nowhere, I told my family I didn't want to do this anymore and that I would get a job at Sky instead.

At first, they thought I was wasting a great opportunity and this wouldn't last, but it wasn't long before they realised how happy I was. I hated my job before and was miserable, so they had never seen me this happy.

But now, seeing that I was just as happy when I came home and again when I got up the next day for work, they told me it was the best thing I could've done for myself.

Where do you see yourself after completing your apprenticeship?

I see myself staying at Sky and working within Group Service Management—TV Services, which involves looking after Sky's TV products by driving and improving performance and experience.

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