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Corporate & Consumer

Our Corporate and Consumer teams set us on the course for success. They’re the brains behind the scenes of every customer touchpoint, helping to craft our brand and keep our business moving forwards.

Operating locations

No matter what you want to work in, your passions or where in the country you’re based. Find your something, and your somewhere, at Sky.


Our Sky Group HQ. Equipped with state of the art technology, work spaces and all the facilities you could need, it’s a living campus that grows with you. And a fitting place for us to call home.
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You can find our Digital Tech hub, one of our contact centres and our world-leading Software Engineering Academy by the water on the Leeds Dock, just a short walk from the station.
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Our Livingston site has a lot to offer. It’s our first and biggest Contact Centre, and is now the hub for our customer champions.
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Life at Sky

There’s more to our work than work. We’ve built an inclusive culture where we can learn from each other and innovate together. There’s plenty of opportunities for you to explore what you’re passionate about.


We’re not the only ones who think Sky is a brilliant place to work. Hear about what our people have to say, and how we’re making a bigger picture impact together.

Corporate and Consumer blogs

Want to learn more about the team? Get the inside scoop about working in the Corporate and Consumer team at Sky from our own people now.


Thinking of joining the team? Explore our open roles and find the right place for you.