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Meet Guy, Cyber Security Analyst

'We make a difference to all our colleagues and customers daily.'

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Guy Jacobs

Cyber Security Analyst, Osterley

Tech, Product & Data | 13 March 2024 | 3 mins

As a Cyber Security Analyst, my role is to protect Sky’s digital assets from cyberattacks and unauthorised access. The Cyber Fusion Centre Ops team act as guardians of the virtual gates, safeguarding sensitive data, systems and networks.

With diverse monitoring tools, we maintain constant vigilance across Sky's vast technological landscape.

What is it that you love most about your role?

Protecting Sky is rewarding. We make a difference to all our colleagues and customers daily. It’s a constant challenge to keep learning, to stay ahead of evolving threats and honing our skills.

Each day can bring new challenges, requiring analysts to think critically, troubleshoot complex issues, and devise creative solutions. This variety keeps the work interesting.

Describe a project, or career highlight where you were able to make a difference.

Alongside my normal activities, I’m focusing on public cloud security and improving our monitoring and response capabilities in this critical area. To achieve this, I’ve collaborated with many teams and found this immensely enriching.

As cloud remains a cornerstone of Sky's growth, safeguarding it is an absolute priority.

At Sky we’re always challenging ourselves to deliver the next big thing. Describe what that’s like and why it’s exciting

We're passionate about streamlining processes and lightening the load on our analysts. Automation plays a central role, and we're constantly on the lookout for ways to improve.

Exploring GenAI as a potential tool is especially exciting, because of its potential to transform our work and unlock new possibilities for everyone.

How is Sky an inclusive place to work where you can be yourself?

At Sky, I've found an incredibly supportive environment that fosters individual growth. My managers encouraged me to pursue my personal goals, allowing me to seamlessly blend my two-year part-time Master's in Cloud Computing, alongside with my work responsibilities. Their understanding was invaluable, and I'm truly grateful for it.

Additionally, the flexible hybrid work model empowers me to choose where I'm most productive, boosting my output while lessening my environmental impact.

What motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship to develop skills in your current role?

I pursued an apprenticeship to gain a recognised Master's degree and specialise in the security of Cloud Computing. There is the opportunity to build relationships with experienced professionals, expanding my network and skillset. There are also budget limitations on training and this provides a vehicle to receive quality training at no additional cost.

The desire to learn more about management principles, business processes, and solidify my cloud knowledge with confidence motivated me to pursue an apprenticeship.

Can you share some highlights of your apprenticeship journey?

My lecturers impressed me with their insightful explanations of how theories translate to real-world applications. The programme's true gem was meeting and collaborating with fellow professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Their varied experiences pushed me to consider issues from fresh perspectives. Sparking a continuous learning exchange.

Additionally, we took on the challenge of interviewing colleagues to gain insights into Sky's innovation processes. This was an interesting challenge, which provided a great deal of insight into Sky’s first-class innovation teams.

In what ways has the apprenticeship contributed to your personal or professional growth?

The program has made me focus on my career path and what I would like to achieve. I’ve learned about the importance of digital transformation and the synergies in business and technology.

My communication skills have improved, and I spend more time reflecting on events and how they might improve.

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