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Meet Aman, Site Reliability Engineer

'My passion lies in nurturing growth.'

Aman stands in front of a large staircase looking into the camera with arms crossed.

Aman Arora

Site Reliability Engineering Manager, Osterley

Tech, Product & Data | 11 March 2024 | 5 mins

In my role, I oversee the development and progression of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) graduates and apprentices within the department. I lead a team known as Emerging SREs, dedicated to shaping the next generation of engineers, as well-rounded individuals.

Day-to-day responsibilities vary significantly. Some days are spent in one-on-one meetings with my team, ensuring they are on track, providing necessary support, and addressing any concerns. On other days, I engage in planning sessions, brainstorming, and strategising to define tasks essential for project advancement and completion.

Additionally, I focus on enhancing team morale and improving the experience for my team. The projects undertaken by my team are primarily centered around innovation and Greenfield initiatives. Our goal is to create novel solutions that address challenges within the department and contribute to more effective workflows.

We take a comprehensive approach, building everything from the ground up – whether it's the user interface, API, or the infrastructure on which the application is deployed.

Aman speaking to a colleague off to the left of the camera. Behind Aman is a large open area, within which floors one and two of Sky Central can be seen, with colleagues walking to their desks.
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What is it that you love most about your role?

My passion lies in nurturing growth. I've walked the grad path myself, and I know how it feels.

That's why I dedicate myself to crafting individualised experiences for my team, exceeding even my own grad journey, but because growth demands evolution. We evolve with time, and so should our approach. By embracing feedback and tailoring each path, I empower my team to thrive.

Seeing them flourish, knowing I helped them find their way, is a great feeling. It's not just giving back, it's investing in a brighter future.

Describe a project, or career highlight where you were able to make a difference.

One of the most fulfilling moments in my career wouldn't be a fancy award or a promotion (although those are nice too!). It would be seeing the first batch of Emerging SREs Graduates I led transition into full-fledged delivery teams.

Since 2021, I've had the privilege of managing grads, and helping them get promoted. It's always rewarding to see their hard work recognised. But in 2022, I took on a new challenge: a dedicated team of graduates and apprentices, all eager to learn and grow.

Within just over a year, I had the immense satisfaction of seeing every graduate in that cohort promoted to mid-level roles! It wasn't about the numbers, though. Witnessing them all receive their promotions around the same time was a powerful validation of the program I'd designed. It proved that I could provide graduates with a consistent, equitable experience that fostered not just technical growth, but also personal development.

I could see the transformation in each individual. They had gained confidence, honed their skills, and were ready to tackle new challenges. Sounds cheesy, but that's a feeling I wouldn't trade for anything.

More than just promotions, it was about witnessing their potential fully come out. It was about knowing that I played a role in helping them take flight and take the first steps in their bright careers ahead. And that, for me, is the true definition of a career highlight.

Aman delivering a speech to graduates in the Sky Cinema in Osterley. Aman is holding a microphone, as a red velvet curtain drapes in the background.

At Sky we’re always challenging ourselves to deliver the next big thing. Describe what that’s like and why it’s exciting

Joining Sky as a graduate and immediately diving into a groundbreaking project like Peacock was quite an experience. It was just months in when the NBCU acquisition happened, and we were all hands on deck.

One of my early tasks was setting up the NFT testing environment. It was a new area for everyone, so there was a lot of learning and troubleshooting along the way. Seeing it come together, and knowing it was a key part of getting Peacock ready for launch, was definitely satisfying.

As the launch date drew closer, my role shifted towards providing real-time updates. I created a custom report that was sent out to executives and senior management every hour during launch day. It was a great way to keep everyone informed of our progress and share the excitement of the moment.

My journey at Sky has been filled with learning and growth. I've had the opportunity to contribute to ground-breaking projects, and work alongside talented colleagues. Seeing my work used in such a way was definitely a proud moment. It showed me that even as a graduate, I could make a meaningful contribution to a major project.

Aman and his colleagues deliver a speech to an audience of Sky colleagues. The room is busy, as Aman and colleagues laugh at one of the panelists jokes.

How is Sky an inclusive place to work where you can be yourself?

Sky surprised me from the start. Joining in the Software Engineering Academy prepared me for my role at Sky. The intensive bootcamp equipped me with the knowledge necessary to tackle any challenges that lay ahead.

Unlike some workplaces, there was no pressure to fit a mold. I could dress and express myself authentically, and my ideas were always welcomed with open ears.

More than just tolerance, Sky actively fostered a sense of belonging. Their commitment to diversity meant I felt comfortable sharing my own cultural and religious background. Seeing holidays I celebrate recognised and even celebrated on a larger scale was refreshing and heartwarming.

Sky's inclusive environment allowed me to thrive. I felt valued for who I am. Encouraged to contribute my unique perspective, surrounded by colleagues who embraced diverse backgrounds. It's a place where you can truly be yourself and grow alongside others.

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