Regional Operations Manager Nicola, shares the secret to her career development

The people behind sky posted on 30 Oct

"Never fall out of love with your job"

Sky Careers

Name: Nicola Reincke

Role: Regional Operations Manager

In 2009 I secured my first job here as a Retail Sales Advisor in Telford. Little did I know what an exciting journey that would become! From Retail Sales Advisor to Store Manager and then onto Area Manager in three years, I pushed to develop my career from the offset. 

I was soon curious to learn more about the wider business and how we service our customers. My vision was to become a Home Service Regional Manager but I felt I needed more knowledge of the field. When an opportunity was advertised for a Trainer in Home Service I grabbed at the chance, making contact with key stakeholders to understand the role and the department. The role moved me away from management and didn't have anywhere near the same OTE (potential earnings from commission and bonus) as my previous role. What the role did have was substance -it meant I’d be able to learn Home Service from the grass roots. During the next 18 months, I completed my engineer qualification, spent time working in an amazing L&D environment, met some inspirational people and learned so much.

In early 2016 a Regional Manager Secondment position opened for applications. I eagerly applied, did an enormous amount of preparation and was successful. I spent my year over in West 04 leading a group of people who were frankly superb, I'd never seen team spirit like it and it was such a privilege to work with them. With brilliant mentoring and sponsorship from the West Leadership team, I felt I was able to return to my home role with great advancement. A year after I left my role as a trainer I headed back to Know-How as Regional Operations Manager for the West and South – a double promotion – and back in line with my career path back in Retail. My team and I now run the Know-How Operations for Osterley (Athena & Home Service Unit 10), Dartford, Birmingham, Bristol, Crewe, Stockport as well as Retail nationally. I have a great team and a whole new set of visionary leaders and peers to learn from. I love being part of such an exciting venture right from the start. 

If you’re ready to stretch your career, I’d encourage you to make your choices considered and don't over-apply for roles. That role will need as much from you as you do from it. Take time to explore, seek sponsorship for your skills and make sure people are always talking about you (for the right reasons!!) #lovelearninglivelearning #knowhowtobeyourbest

My advice to you would be to open to what will stretch your career and never stay still for so long that you fall out of love with your job.