National Sales Manager Joe's a man of adventure...

The people behind sky posted on 13 Apr

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Name: Joe Strudwick

Job title: National Sales Manager

What area of the company do you work in? Sky Business

What’s your career journey been like up until now? I started my career in Sales in a Graduate / Management progression scheme for a national leisure & fitness provider. I worked there for 4 years, initially in Sales and then moving through different positions in Project Management and First Tier Management. From there I became a General Manager and managed a small group of sites.

I joined this company as a Business Development Executive (BDE) looking after Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands. I’d not worked in a Field Sales role before, so it was quite a big learning curve and a large area of the country to get around. After 4-5 years as a BDE (with a couple of territory changes) I progressed to a National Sales Manager role, this has been my job for the past two years.

What does a typical day working here look like for you? I’m not sure there’s such thing as a “typical day”. As I type this, I’m on a train to Manchester to meet with my peer group. I could as easily be making my way to spending a day with one of the team in Trade visiting potential new customers, or in an induction / training session with some of our field teams. The role is very varied but allows me to continually challenge myself to get better.

If you’ve been here over one year, how have you made a difference in your role? I’m now in my seventh year and one thing I’ve tried to be involved in, is how we develop our staff. As a management team we really strive to ensure our people are listened to and we work hard to ensure they’re able to get as much opportunity to grow as possible.

What’s been your proudest moment since working here? As a BDE I was given an award for building collaboration between areas of the business. This was voted on by the teams and it was a really proud moment for me.

I was also really proud to be promoted in the National Sales Manager role from being a BDE. I’d put in a lot of hard work and was really delighted for it to be recognised.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? I love spending time out with the field sales team 2-3 times a week. This means that as well as ensuring I’m not getting rusty, I’m also able to spend time with the team (who work remotely) to see how I can best support them.

Describe your work/life balance? Living in Cornwall, I love the outdoors & I make sure I’ve some time to surf each week. Whilst I travel a fair bit, I’m able to balance this out really well with my home life. This company really encourages a healthy work/life balance.

What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? It’s there for the taking, but don’t bank on anyone serving up opportunities to you on a plate. A company the size of ours has lots of available resources – you just need to go and get them (along with some good old-fashioned hard work).

An interesting fact about you? I’ve travelled to every continent (apart from Antarctica). I love to travel, so you’ll rarely find me using annual leave to get housework / DIY done.