The Best of Sky awards are just around the corner...

Doing the right thing posted on 4 Apr

I was just excited someone took the time to say thank you.

Sky Careers

The 2018 Best of Sky Awards are just around the corner and we caught up one of our 2017 winners to find out what winning a Best of Sky Award meant to them.

Nav, who recently enjoyed his prize – a trip to Cape Town told us: "When I got my Best of Sky nominations, all I was excited about was the fact someone took the time to say “thanks for a great job”. It's such a busy place and you often forget how powerful saying thanks can be.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the little thanks turned into a huge one! When I found out I was one of a handful of people across the Group to win a top prize and a trip to South Africa, my mind was absolutely blown!

So I’ll be nominating some of my brilliant colleagues this year/ Maybe one of them will get the chance of a trip of a lifetime -  but more importantly, they’ll all just really appreciate the thanks.”