Jade shares what she loves most about being a Home Service Installer.

The people behind sky posted on 4 Apr

"Being a Home Service Installer shouldn't be seen as a man's job, you can definitely be part of the team"

Sky Careers

Name: Jade Yapp 

Job title: Home Service Installer  

What area of Sky do you work in and what do you do on a daily basis? I'm a Home Service Installer based in Scotland. I complete Sky TV installations and carry out service visits. My priority is ensuring our customers have the best possible experience.   

How did you get into your role? A close friend suggested I apply for the role as I've always had fairly physical jobs and thought I'd enjoy it.    

How have you made a difference in your role / what’s been your proudest moment working here? I work hard to provide our customers with the best service possible, so reading positive feedback from our customers has been a highlight for me.   

What surprised you most about your role? How varied the role is, no two days are the same. I was also surprised by the number of challenges we come up against, but this is also what I enjoy most about my role as I love problem-solving.  

Describe your work/life balance: I work a rota and quite enjoy having time off during the week as I'm able to get stuff done without the chaos of weekend shopping.   

Have you had the opportunity to progress? What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? As I'm fairly new to the role, I've had great support from everyone in my area to be able to grow as an Installer. There are a number of courses and lots of support available here to help you progress, so I know I'll get the support that I need to develop my skills.  

Your top application tip for people applying now: For any females interested in this role, I'd say apply today. Being a Home Service Installer shouldn't be seen as a man's jobs, you can definitely be part of the team.  

An interesting fact no one else knows about you: I was a boxer for 10 years.