Clare’s positive outlook and openness to taking risks has seen her progress in her career at our Glasgow Contact Centre.

The people behind sky posted on 4 Apr

“I’d recommend making the most of any opportunity that comes your way, and go the extra mile – whether it’s for your customer, your team or your own development”

Sky Careers

Name: Clare Eadie

Job title: Subject Matter Expert (SME)

What area of Sky do you work in and what do you do on a daily basis? I work within Retentions at our Glasgow Contact Centre, which is our biggest retention site. My role is primarily to support, motivate and inspire our Advisors, and help them exceed expectations when talking to our customers on the phone.

Each month, I work with about 10 different Advisors, this generally involves an hour of side-by-side call listening and another hour of one-to-one coaching. This is an opportunity for the Advisors to discuss which areas they want support with and how they plan to achieve their goals.

The programme last for 4 consecutive weeks. Keeping our Advisors engaged and motivated for the duration can sometimes be difficult. However when I see them perform well, knowing that I was able to support their achievement it’s worthwhile.

How did you get into your role? I joined as a Retentions Advisor in 2014. The role was challenging at times but I was able to learn new things everyday and was supported by my manager. When the SME opportunity came up, I wasn’t sure if I should apply as I’d only been in my role as a Retentions Advisor for a year. I decided to apply anyway and I got the job! Two years on, I’m still here and loving every minute.

How have you made a difference in your role / what’s been your proudest moment working here? I had the opportunity to work with one of our Advisors on his performance, we were able to improve his performance rate from 40 - 50% up to 75% in two weeks. As a result, our Advisors see the value of having the support of an SME.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? Working with different people every month, seeing their progression and how motivated they become.

Describe your contact centre - what makes it a great place to work? The people - there are so many friendly, energetic and enthusiastic people at the Contact Centre. The approachability of managers is great too, they are visible and happy to chat to you whether it be work related or not.

Have you had the opportunity to progress in your role? What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? The role I’m in is a developing role that I’d 100% recommend, I’m looking to find my way into other areas of the business and this role gives me a great opportunity to do this. I’d recommend making the most of any opportunity that comes your way, and go the extra mile – whether it’s for your customer, your team or your own development. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I have a degree in French and Spanish, I’m very rusty but I have the qualification to prove it!