Settie, an Insight Analyst describes her first few weeks in our IDS team

The people behind sky posted on 4 Apr

Settie, an Insight Analyst describes her first few weeks in our IDS team

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Name: Christina “Settie” Frasco

Job Title: Insight Analyst

How long have you been working for our IDS team? I moved from San Francisco to work for here in August 2017, so have been in my new role just a couple of months.

What area do you work in? Insight and Analytics for the Insight and Decision Science (IDS) Trading team, focusing on customer retention and CVM.

How does your role deliver value: Although I ‘ve only been here for a short time, I’ve already received an exciting opportunity to add value through my first project, which is focused on customers that move to a new home. My task is to help gain an understanding of customer behaviour throughout the home move, and how our existing processes affect retention and the perceived value. The ultimate goal is to leverage this insight to ensure we optimise the way the business handles these particular situations, from both a customers and our business standpoint.

What were your first few days like?  I was instantly thrilled to be a part of the IDS team. Aside from receiving a very warm welcome, the team took extraordinary measures to provide proper guidance and training so that I could begin adding real value within the first weeks. On my first day, I was already included in a cross-functional meeting, allowing me to absorb new faces and the ways in which teams worked together on projects. The technical training I received was extremely valuable and thorough, from the one-on-one help I received from my managers to the all-day lesson I attended with a group. In comparison to my prior roles, I felt that my first few days in the IDS team were much more fulfilling, productive, and consequently more enjoyable and exciting.

What do you enjoy most / did not expect? Overall what strikes me as the most impressive is how organised and efficiently the IDS team operates. Well before I walked through the door, there was a precise idea of my purpose on the team, and a solid plan to swiftly facilitate the necessary training so I could fulfil this purpose. I was surprised by how important it is to the team to give me ownership of an important project, rather than have me fill in the easier bits of several projects. This has allowed me to learn far more than I imagined I would within a few weeks’ time. I feel very fortunate to have landed in such good hands, and look forward to growing into my role on the team and adding to its success.