Asif in our IDS team tells us about his first year

The people behind sky posted on 4 Apr

Asif in our IDS team tells us about his first year

Sky Careers

Name: Asif Baig

Job Title: Database Marketing Executive

How long have you been working for our IDS team? Just over one year

What does IDS stand for? Insight and Decision Science

What area do you work in? Trading (Campaign Planning and Delivery)

Tell us about your role... I currently work in the In-life campaign team. During my first year I worked in various product areas ranging from Broadband, Sky Q and most recently with our new Sky Sports proposition. I work closely with the marketing team and wider business; building and delivering marketing campaigns across a range of channels. I ensure that appropriate tests are continually implemented against all campaigns to ensure performance can be accurately evaluated, in order to maximise engagement and return on investment through relevant targeting. My role also involves analysing past marketing campaigns and providing recommendations to improve current or future campaigns. Understanding what has happened and what will likely happen in the future is pivotal and this analysis normally culminates in impactful presentations that I present back to the business to answer questions that were originally purposed.

What was were your first few days like in the IDS team? My first days at IDS were somewhat of a whirlwind. I remember being amazed with Sky Central, the building and facilities are the best work facilities I have ever seen. The IDS department itself was quite overwhelming at first, trying to get a sense of where you sit within any big organisation can be challenging initially. However, thanks to the welcoming and friendly culture and great introductory sessions I was able to settle in with ease.  

What do you enjoy most about your job? What really surprised me was how much work and skill goes into the analytics and insight produced by the team. Having so many talented people provides countless opportunities to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge. It’s also great to see that IDS is an integral part of the wider organisation playing a key role in strategy and business decisions company wide.