Paul’s dedication to delivering for our customers has seen him nominated for industry awards.

The people behind sky posted on 4 Apr

“A proud moment for me is definitely being a finalist in this year’s CCA Global Excellence Awards for the ‘Professional of the Year’ category”

Sky Careers

Name: Paul Morrison

Job title: Customer Experience Consultant

What area of Sky do you work in and what do you do on a daily basis? My role is essentially being the voice of the customer. I work closely with our Sales teams and stakeholders from all over the business to ensure we deliver the best for our customers. My days are really varied, I could be analysing customer feedback, listening to sales calls, calibrating team leaders on how to evaluate calls, or facilitating an induction session with new Sales Advisors. Being involved in a variety of things keeps my role interesting.

How did you get into your role? I’ve always been passionate about giving customers an excellent experience. Before this, I was in a coaching role helping to improve the quality of the conversations our Sales Advisors were having with customers, and this felt like the next logical step.

How have you made a difference in your role / what’s been your proudest moment working here? I work as part of a fantastic team who consistently deliver for, empower and support our Sales teams, which makes me feel proud every day that I come to work. A real highlight was when my site in Dunfermline achieved a record NPS score (a customer satisfaction survey). Our people deliver great experiences for our customers, so to have this recognised in customer feedback was excellent.

On a more personal note, a proud moment for me is definitely being a finalist in this year’s CCA Global Excellence Awards for the ‘Professional of the Year’ category. It’s a very competitive category with representatives from businesses all over the country so to be in the final and recognised for my work is a big achievement. I feel like I’ve won already, but hopefully I can bring the trophy home for the team!

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? It’s all about the people for me. We work really hard and in an ever changing and fast paced environment, but everyone works together for our customers and we have lots of fun while we’re doing it!

Describe your contact centre or area of the business - what makes it a great place to work? I’m lucky to work in a large open space environment so there’s always something fun going on. I sit in amongst our Sales teams so it’s easy for me to stay close to what’s happening on the floor, as well as being accessible to the managers that I support. There’s an on-site gym for employees amongst other facilities but I’m more likely to be found counting down to Wok Bar Wednesday in the canteen!

Have you had the opportunity to progress in your role? What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? I believe you need to take ownership for your own development. Be curious and look to learn from those around you and always say “yes” to every opportunity. You’re given access to excellent development platforms like LinkedIn Learning here, so take advantage of these to learn new skills.

An interesting fact no one else knows about you: I’ve had a gun pulled on me twice and lived to tell the tale! I’d like to add that neither time was because I was up to no good though!