Flexible working at Sky

The people behind sky posted on 14 May

Working less than full time as a top level executive used to be something that was kept hidden or ‘under the radar’. The Power Part Time List is helping to change the conversation.

The people on the 2013 Power Part Time List are role models both in and outside their businesses; trailblazers of a truly modern way of working.And at Sky, we're proud to explore flexible working options where appropriate.

Our award-winner, Vicky, is responsible for providing advice on how competition law and economic regulation impact all parts of the Sky business. She manages a team of 17 lawyers and support staff, of whom several work part time or from home. Vicky sits on the senior leadership group at Sky and on the management team of its legal department. Since 2010, she has acted as a mentor to three colleagues and is an excellent role model for the many other professionals at Sky who work part time. After trying out different work patterns, Vicky settled on a 3.5 day week over five days, to spend more time with her sons (aged 7 and 10) while still being in the office each day.