Vincent, Finance Placement Intern loved the fast-paced environment here

Early Careers posted on 11 Jan

“The opportunity to gain an insight into one of the most exciting and diverse companies was something I couldn’t miss.”

Sky Careers
  1. Name: Vincent
  2. University studied at, course and graduation: University of York – BSc Economics & Finance/ MSc Financial Management & Accounting– graduation year 2016
  3. Describe your role in one word? Stimulating
  4. Where did you hear about the summer placement/what prompted you to apply? When researching online and thinking about the places I’d love to work, I came across the Sky Starting Out website and from there I didn’t look back. The Finance Placement scheme looked like the perfect opportunity to gain some real experience in a firm that really values their Finance division. Having grown up with Sky my entire life, the opportunity to gain an insight into one of the most exciting and diverse companies was something I couldn’t miss.
  5. What did you work on whilst on the Finance Summer Placement at Sky? The Summer Placement was structured so that half our time was spent working within a specific team in the business, and half the time working on a real-life business project with fellow interns from both London and Scotland. I was based within the Digital Sales & Service Finance team looking at how we’re using digital methods of communication, such as the website, in taking our customer service offering forward. I completed quarterly budgeting, created reports on trends on how we interact with our customers and learnt more about how the team helps take forward new products and services, to ensure Sky’s service is consistently meeting the needs of our customers. The other half of my time was spent working on a real life project looking at Sky digital boxes, which involved working with my colleagues in London but also video conferencing with my colleagues in Scotland. We then presented our solution to the Directors of Finance. The project was a real life business scenario and required us to work as a team and develop various skills within a limited time, in order to come up with an effective solution based on researching and evidencing various areas within Sky’s business.
  6. What did you do on a day-to-day basis? Within Digital Sales & Services, I took ownership of producing important reports summarising the performance of digital communications which were presented to managers in Finance. I attended video-conferences and other daily meetings with my wider Finance teams. I also had meetings with my Manager to track progress of projects. I was also assigned a buddy who was on the Graduate Programme and met with him regularly to gain an insight into his experiences here. He was also on hand to answer any questions I had, no matter how big or small. For our project, we had a huge responsibility presenting to one of the Directors which was followed by a business lunch and feedback session. During the project we worked with various teams within the business. In addition, there was always time to go and shadow other areas of the business. I was lucky to spend time at Sky Sports News and Sky News where I was also taken on tours of both studios, alongside being selected to attend a Sky Live event with Jamie Redknapp, Grahame Souness and Ed Chamberlain. I was privileged to be in the office when Chris Froome & the winning Team Sky were around and got to see them in one of their first live interviews!
  7. What did you enjoy the most about working here? The best thing about working here is the environment – the fast-paced nature of the business, the amazing offices, and the work I carried out made my time here a summer I’ll never forget.
  8. What was most challenging about your role? My biggest challenge was probably the initial stages of working on a big group project as I’d never had such a responsibility within a team environment. Also organising, planning and communicating with the rest of the interns in the beginning, especially in different locations was probably the toughest thing to deal with but after a little while, we overcame our hurdles and gained skills that probably no other company could give us.
  9. What surprised you most about working at Sky? What surprised me the most about working here was the people – no matter whether I spoke to a new graduate or a Senior Director, everyone always has time for you, to answer your questions, share their experiences and everyone seems to be driven and excited about the brand – something I found refreshing and unique.
  10. What would your advice be to applicants? Working for Sky requires passion in your work and for the products. I would say don’t be afraid to convey your passion for the product and firm, alongside your other key skills you poses. From my experience, there is no “Sky” type but everyone is driven by passion for what Sky offers.