Tips from Nadia on how to get Work Experience with Sky News

Early Careers posted on 19 Jan

"Show your passion and keep it structured"

Sky Careers

Name: Nadia

Role: Sky News Work Experience

You’ll work with the day team, and the night team 

For the first week, I was with the day team, and that was to get a feel of what they do - how the news worked. I went to Millbank to do some filming spots there, then the next week was with the night team, to see how that was run. For the day team, I was researching features. We were waiting for the NHS to provide their winter report, so I was researching that alongside Trump news. Then I was working on the weekly review with Adam Tate, prepping him for the What Went On feature where he talks about the news that week. 

You’ll also get a lot of experience on the job

During the second week, I worked on the Tesco banking story, when people couldn’t get money out. I worked on a package, so went with a producer and a presenter to interview certain people who had been affected, and certain people who worked in the industry. We researched which stores we could film at - that was my job. Then me and the producer went in and edited it all together, got some statistics about people who had been affected by similar things, and did background research into how banking works. We edited with the digital editor, and it went on TV at 8pm. I was travelling home so didn’t see it - but you’ve already seen it so much before it even goes live! 

You might be trusted to do a job by yourself

During the presidential elections, I was given the responsibility to make a minute long sizzle as an introduction to a TV feature. I did that all by myself, working with the editor. It was put out at 7.30pm I was really excited! I was in the gallery when they picked it up and got to see it. 

If you impress, you’ll get asked back

Three or four weeks after, I got asked back to work on a different team - it was for Sunrise, the morning show, getting guests onto the show and booking them in, which was quite tricky because it was the lead-up to Christmas and also including Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I worked with a really brilliant team who were so on the ball. 

Take notes as you go and learn fast

You’re not always introduced to everyone, and it goes very quickly, because that’s just how the news desk is - so if you feel a bit worried, then just be constantly taking notes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to anyone you get a rapport with, even if they’re not the person you’re assigned to. Try and do your very best to get on with what you’ve been asked to do, ask if there’s anything you can help with too - as there usually is!

Before I started, I was on the Sky News app all the time, because it’s easy to access, making sure I understood what Sky was reporting in comparison to other news companies. You will be across international news as well and, while you don’t have to know everything, it’s just good to understand what people are talking about. It was helpful that I knew a bit about the presidential elections already - so when they were discussing a particular state, I wasn’t completely confused. 

In the application, show your passion and keep it structured

In the application, be really honest and show your passion for Sky News. I was really shocked when I got the phone call! I had to check what I’d written. It was a big surprise. Tell them what you can bring, what you want to learn, what you want to get out of it. Why Sky News, why you. Pinpoint your ideas, and structure it into points so you don’t waffle on!