There’s nothing better than Work Experience at Sky News for Jasmine

Early Careers posted on 13 Dec

Sky Careers



Jasmine has just started a two week work experience placement at Sky News, and is already helping produce TV footage. If you’re desperate to get into news journalism, this might be the perfect placement for you… 

An average day is fairly packed 

I arrive at 9, look at Sky News in the morning, say hi to everyone and then the meetings don’t start until half 9. That’s the news agenda meeting that covers the day’s news, and what they think they’ll cover - not everything goes in. After the meeting, I either ask for a task or I’m doing a task from the previous day. Sometimes it’s research, but tomorrow I’m interviewing someone for a TV package I’m working on about the decline of cinema. I’ll be in one of the studios, and viewers will see the screen but not my voice. At midday we have an overview meeting of the next few days, and while there’s no set lunch time I’ve got to eat at 1pm because my stomach’s rumbling, but after that there’s another meeting looking at the news for the next day and consolidating exactly what we are covering.

You’ll be able to get a taste of all the news desks 

This week I’ve been on the planning desk producing the TV package on UK cinemas, and doing research into whether they’re declining, as well as looking at immersive experiences too. It’ll be spread across all platforms TV, social media, website, which is exciting! They’ve got offices in Millbank, so the idea is that I’m going there for my second week. I’m super excited for that, as it’s so central, a smaller office, and a totally different brand of news; I really want to get into politics, so I can see what that’s like! 

The meetings are really interesting

The production planning meetings are fascinating, because you get to see how the news is planned and prioritised, and how they brainstorm ideas. Producers and editors discussing ideas for what goes on air is really great to watch. I haven’t yet contributed, as we get given a plan and they discuss it, but it’s great to learn the skills! 

Everyone in the office is willing to answer questions 

In all honesty, my favourite part so far has just been chatting to a lot of the journalists. While everyone’s really busy and powering away, they’ve also been happy to answer questions, and it’s been a lesson for me in plucking up the courage to speak to people. I spend all my time with students, so I don’t know how to interact with people in the real world, but it’s so nice to hear about their experiences! It does make me realise that yes, this is what I want to do. I could do this! 

It’s an ideal placement for someone who is proactive

We have a uni careers service but that’s not how I found this - I wrote down a list of all the companies I want to work for, whether or not they have work experience, and went through them one by one. Once you’re there, you’ve got to be proactive. If you’re not careful, you could end up doing nothing useful, so it’s OK to be a tiny bit of a pain. You’ve got to introduce yourself, and tell people ‘If you need any help, just send things my way’. Obviously a love of current affairs and what’s going on in the world is a must too!