Some great application tips from Divia and Sam, two of our current grads

Early Careers posted on 26 Oct

“I was surprised at how much responsibility you get from day one.”

Sky Careers

Your names: 



Grad programme:           

Divia: Technology Graduate Programme

Sam: Software Engineering Academy

University studied at, course and graduation year: 

Divia: Electrical and electronic Engineering, University of Manchester, Graduated 2014

Sam: University of East Anglia, Graduated 2013

What you do at Sky:    

Divia: Analysis and design of future launch propositions for Sky Broadcast

Sam: Developing, modernising and redesigning the Sky Go Website for a launch next year with cool new features and more using AngularJS

Your top application tip for people applying now: 

Divia: You need to have and show passion and give key examples of skillset

Sam: Don't be afraid to talk about any interesting hobbies or other activities you were involved in both inside and outside University that make you unique. A lot of those skills will be transferable to Sky

What have you enjoyed most since starting/what’s surprised you most:    

Divia: I enjoyed the variance of the roles/rotations the most. The thing that surprised me most was how tailored and personal this scheme is.

Sam: Being on the graduate programme with all the other grads of a similar age and the relaxed friendly working atmosphere. I was surprised by how much responsibility you get from day one.