Scott and Elena joined the 2015 Technology graduate programme in Scotland - here's what they've been working on since

Early Careers posted on 19 Sep

"Having never done any formal testing before, I had no prior appreciation of the amount of work involved or how satisfying it can be. Having a fantastic team makes the role even better!"

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What were you doing before you joined Sky and what area of Sky do you work in now?

Scott - I was studying for my BSc (Hons) Information Systems at Heriot-Watt University and am currently in my “test” rotation working on NowTV.  Soon I’ll be joining Solution Design.

Elena –  Before Sky I was studying Biochemistry at the University of St Andrews. The Starting Out team were running a careers talk which I went along to and applied to the Technology programme not long after that. I am currently in my second rotation in the Technology graduate scheme in a Technology Project Manager role. I’m working in the Customer Telephony team which are involved in call centres and Sky mobile related projects.

Describe a typical day in your current role.

Elena - My day usually involves project meetings with different teams either through Skype or in person.  When I’m not in meetings I prepare project plans, cost plans, status reports and all the documentation needed to keep my projects on track with respect to deadlines and budget.

Scott - The day starts with the Project Team stand-up where the team updates each other on what they are working on and any other information.  We then pick up with colleagues in Osterley we’re currently doing ‘End to End testing’ between Osterley and London (we do a test step, then they do a step).  That leads into a conference call between both sites to update and allow for any questions to be asked and answered.  The afternoons are mostly free of meetings allowing you to carry on with your work whilst also leaving you available to others who might have questions.

Describe your work/life balance at Sky?

Scott - At Sky it is easy to leave your work at work, and to enjoy your time away from the office.  Soon there will be a shiny new Sky Gym here in Livingston (my mind says yes, my body says no way!) and there are loads of deals and offers available through Sky to help you unwind from your days in the office.  That way you’re refreshed and totally ready to get stuck back in!

Elena - During lunch times we usually take long walks in the area where there are nice nature paths. We usually go for team lunches or for social lunches with other graduates on a monthly basis.  Also training may be part of your work but it helps you evolve also on a personal level, and Sky gives you great opportunities for professional development.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your role and what surprised you most?

Scott - I enjoy seeing systems and software work as they should and yet also when defects are found.  That way we know we are doing our job correctly and finding any issues before they can become a problem for our customers.  The thing that surprised me most was the sheer amount of work and dedication that goes in to testing the software and systems used within Sky.  Having never done any formal testing before, I had no prior appreciation of the amount of work involved or how satisfying it can be.  Having a fantastic team makes the role even better!

Elena - I have really enjoyed meeting new people and becoming a member of different teams as part of projects. Travelling to different Sky buildings across the UK  for project work has also been great part of my role which I hadn’t expected.  In one project I witnessed how a completely empty building  became a brand new contact centre in just a few months and I felt very proud that I had helped in its completion.  

Your top application tip for people applying now – what did you do to stand out when you were applying?

Elena - I believe it is very important to search Sky’s website and understand  Sky’s strategy and behaviours. Have a look at the different job roles available in Sky, there are so many different things you can do and try, especially on the Technology graduate scheme were you have different rotations. If there is a rotation you would really like to try or a role that you think you will be really good at, do mention it.

I believe Sky is a great place to work, there are always people willing to help you, listen to your opinion and appreciate your work and effort.

Scott - Be positive and emphasise your strengths - but always remain honest about them too. Be yourself, ask lots of questions and make the most of every opportunity to meet new people.