Nicole explains what Business Analysts do, and what you need to become one.

Early Careers posted on 22 Sep

Sky Careers

I joined the Change Delivery graduate scheme in 2015. Now I’m involved in the digital space – we’re working on a new Sky App, the Sky email service, and we’re also developing new journeys to enhance the digital experience for our customers. My work involves mapping out customer journeys and business requirements in order to demonstrate the benefits of business change to a customer journey. 

A business analyst is key to any project, as they provide the lower level of detail and understanding to ensure that business stakeholders have confidence that all possible outcomes have been considered and the customer is going to have the best experience possible.

Previously, I’ve worked in the Now TV project team to help deliver a new product. On a typical day, I would spend half my time translating the needs of business stakeholders into clear business requirements and mapping out customer journeys. The other half of my day would be spent working with my Project Managers and working with stakeholders to answer any deeper questions and ensure that deliverables could be communicated and met in time for the project launch.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have Sky fund a professional qualification for me, and received paid study leave as well. And when not at my desk or in meetings, I’m a regular at the well-equipped Sky Gym.

If you’re thinking of applying, I would say that nothing impresses more than someone who is passionate and enthusiastic for the role that they are applying for. This shines through not only at the assessment centres but also on the application form. Take your time through the whole process, because your efforts will not go unnoticed.