Meet Rob, Software Grad

Early Careers posted on 23 Sep

Find out how Rob came to apply to join us at Sky and what he loves most about his role.

Applying for this role was really a fortunate coincidence – I happened to be researching something on the internet and stumbled across an advert for Sky’s graduate opportunities. Reading the various job descriptions, it became obvious to me how Sky was an exciting place to work with lots of chances to contribute to real applications that millions of customers use on a daily basis.

As soon as I started, I went on a 4-week training course that covered all technical aspects of what’s required to be a successful software engineer at Sky. Some of the material was covered by my course at university but there were lots of new areas that were completely new to me – all of which I am now using every day.

Once I’d completed the training, I started working on a new project, based for the first time in the main office. Joining a small team of graduates, we were assigned our first project – to develop an iPad application for capturing the details of people who attend various careers and recruitment events around the country.

From day one, I have felt that I am totally empowered to make my own opportunities here at Sky. Within my team, we had the freedom to make our own decisions, both from a technical perspective and in regards to project management, and it’s great to be respected by all colleagues as an individual capable of making valuable contributions.

I’ve now been working for Sky for just over one year and am continuing to enjoy my work and the challenges that come my way. After finishing the 7-month programme, I joined a team in the business who are responsible for building and maintaining the sales platform.  This has proven to be a great opportunity to gain exposure to some new technologies and I continue to learn a great deal, particularly now that I am working alongside others with a lot more experience.


My advice for anyone applying to Sky, for any role, would be to be confident in your opinions, open to new perspectives and enthusiastic to make your contribution.