Meet our Finance graduates

Early Careers posted on 23 Sep

We asked Rebecca, James, Chris, Christopher, Claire, Mayur and Tara, several of our current Finance graduates some of the most commonly asked questions we receive and found out more about their time at Sky and experiences on the graduate programme. Read on to find out more.

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What were you doing before you worked at Sky?

Rebecca - Before starting on the grad scheme, I was studying for a music degree at the University of Nottingham . This may seem like a strange transition, but the transferrable skills you learn in any degree can be more important than a background in accountancy: like teamwork, communication, time management and independence. Apart from not getting any CIMA exemptions, I haven’t found my degree to be a hindrance at all.

James - I had just graduated from Cardiff University having studied Civil & Environmental Engineering and after a summer of SCUBA diving and part time work I applied to Sky after speaking to a current graduate. Two months after completing the initial online application I was then offered a place on the February intake.

Tara - I was at Strathclyde University studying Economics and International business. Part of this involved a semester abroad in North Carolina, USA. I work in Finance in Accounts Payable. I mainly deal with expenses and debt collection for American Express.

What's your role?

Chris - I perform lots of analysis on things like call volumes, resource and other ad-hoc things like overtime required for a big Box Office boxing match. I send out weekly reporting to various stakeholders and have been involved in preparing documents which are sent to the CFO and CEO to approve spend.

Christopher - I work in the Actuals Reporting Team under the Overheads & Corporate cost section. My role revolves around the accounting behind the Payroll costs, for example – posting of payroll journals to all Business units so they can compare forecasts to actuals. Additionally, my role revolves heavily around project work which means that each day is unique and challenging.

James – Now in my 2nd year, I work in Group CAPEX taking responsibility of managing the financials of our larger projects. The role requires you to take an overview of all areas in Sky giving you a diverse knowledge of the business.

What’s the best thing about being on the Finance programme?

Rebecca- My role in first year was always challenging, and instead of being given prescriptive tasks, there was an opportunity to think for yourself and experiment with the best way to present your findings. Even as a first year grad, your opinion is valued. I have now rotated into Investor Relations, where I will do things like monitor the share price and movements in the share register as well as summarising how the City view Sky and their competitors. There are a huge variety of possible roles, and the rotations process ensures you get a wide range of experience during the grad scheme. 

Claire -  The people, I have a great team which I work in, everyone was very welcoming and friendly. My first year also involved moving to Scotland for a year which meant I got to experience a different part of the business which I think will be beneficial in the future. 

Tara - I really like the team that I am in. We all get on really well and it helps when there is a lot of work as we all help each other out.

Chris - Knowing the work we do in some way contributes to what millions of people watch on TV and chat about down the pub is a good feeling. Given lots of responsibility so I feel like the work I do makes a difference.

What has surprised you most about working at Sky?

Rebecca - The level of responsibility you’re given early on and that each role offers a really varied viewpoint on an individual area of the business, or even a wider view of Sky as a whole.

Chris -The scale of the organisation, you wouldn’t believe how many departments and people are required just so you can contact us with an issue, watch the football on a Saturday, or catch up on Game of thrones!

Christopher - How welcoming everyone at the firm are on a daily basis & the relaxed working environment so long you make sure your deadlines are met (this is not always the case!) I was also surprised to find there was a ping pong table in my office, great way to let off some steam! :)

Mayur - Busy & hectic at times but it is still an enjoyable place to work because of the people around us.

Rebecca stepped in to answer our final question – What’s it like completing CIMA?

Having had no exemptions, I had to complete certificate level in the first 6 months, which involved a quite tight turnaround between attending college and sitting the exam (typically less than 2 weeks). Adapting to the style of exams and BPP’s learning style was the hardest part for me, as well as motivating yourself to study after a day at work.

You then start attending weekend classes about 6 months in, which can be quite tough when you are working during the week too. Thankfully college is quite social and a good chance for all the grads to get to know each other. On the whole CIMA is a big time commitment, especially in the month before exams, when revision will take over, but in general it is possible to have a social life at the same time. Our intake would stay at work and study in meeting rooms for an hour or so, which definitely made studying more manageable. My advice would be little and often rather than cramming.