Meet Luke, who's joined Sky Creative with Fast Forward

Early Careers posted on 23 Feb

"Within your working team, you grow to be a family and everyone is so friendly that I felt part of the department straight away!"

Sky Careers

Name: Luke

Job Title: Fast Forward Intern in Sky Creative, alternating between 7 departments.

A typical day at Sky: My internship offers a wide range of opportunities, meaning that work can be very fast paced. A ‘typical day’ doesn’t really exist! However, when a new project comes to the forefront, the typical procedure will involve a meeting with the team, where they will be given a brief explanation of the tasks they will be faced with and the deadlines that the project includes, whether these be within days or weeks. A general step by step plan will be outlined for the project ahead. 

What’s it like having so much variation in an internship: In a long term job, if the tasks you’re faced with are very similar on a day to day basis, the work may become boring. I enjoy the fast paced nature of his internship and finds that multiple tasks with a lot of variety keep his work exciting and fresh. I've been working on Sky’s branding and cutting promos for many shows, I've even designed sets within Sky Central!

Is there a good life/work balance at Sky: My working hours allow me the late afternoon and evening free, I also don’t work weekends, meaning that I’ve found a very fair balance of free time and work.

Did anything surprise him about your job? The thing that surprised me most about my work here was the fact that my very first piece of work went out into the wider world. I’d initially just expected it to be a practice run yet within a few weeks, my first task of creating a promotional design to appear on buses, was out in public. The calm and relaxed environment of Sky also surprised me, as it doesn’t feel like work. The friendly and warm atmosphere create a relaxed and happy working environment.

What’s the coolest thing you've done at Sky? I recently helped on designing the set for Sky VR which was a very exciting opportunity. I also got to take part in a week of promos, in which I worked on shows such as, ‘Nashville’ and ‘New York Emergency’.

What advice would you offer for people applying for apprenticeships now? Be sure it’s what you want to do and to be very open to tasks because they’re what you learn the most from. To understand that there’s no such thing as a mistake and to be very open to help from those with experience at Sky. When applying make sure you know the company and what they’re about. Doing research shows that you’re someone with a real interest and passion. Most importantly, be yourself.

What do you think makes a successful candidate successful? They have to be someone who can bring something to the company and be passionate about the field they want to enter.

What was your experience of the assessment days? In my assessment, the candidates were given TV shows to promote and explain why they’re programme should be on television. It was a great experience and it wasn’t a high-pressure situation, after a while, I forgot I was even being watched! 

If you could be involved in any other area of life at Sky, which would you choose? Production appeals to me as it is very involving and exciting. The idea of being a cameraman and being on set!

What are the main benefits of having an apprenticeship? I enjoy the variation within my work. The chance to experience many different departments within Sky Creative has allowed me a chance to discover my areas of interest and passion for the future. I first worked on Sky’s brand and currently am in Sky Sports graphics.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Sky? Sky is a huge team, with so many people everywhere. Within your working team, you grow to be a family and everyone is so friendly that I felt part of the department straight away!