Meet Louis, our Customer Service Apprentice in Stockport

Early Careers posted on 9 Nov

"Everyday I would be eager to start training!"

Sky Careers

After my assessment day, I quickly recognised that this was a company I was happy to represent. It was obvious that here we do things differently. One thing that really stood out for me was the interview at the end of the assessment. it was set up similarly to a speed dating session, and I had the pleasure of speaking to many colleagues. This was a very interesting experience that cemented my interest in working here. When I received the phone call telling me I had the job I was so happy and couldn’t wait to start.

Working here has already surpassed all my expectations of a call centre is supposed to look like. Walking through the doors I was expecting a lifeless office providing basic customer service however the aura within the Stockport building is somewhat magical and infectious. As a new employee, there is obviously a need for training. Past training experiences have been extremely tedious and left me disinterested. I can’t write about my experience without acknowledging the exceptional training I received. Every day I was so eager to start training. By the end, I was well-equipped for my first ever call.

My first call felt very natural and the conversation developed organically, the customer's problem was fairly easy to fix, and they ended the call happy. My second call was more memorable as I made my first sale; I wouldn’t have imagined I would be participating in my first sale this early on. My next call was a good exercise in talking to an unhappy customer; now I am prepared for all types of calls!