Meet Federica and read about her time as Work Experience with Production Services

Early Careers posted on 19 Jan

"This was the ideal placement, because we looked at every area of the Production Services"

Sky Careers

Name: Federica

Role: Work Experience at Sky Production Services 

This is perfect for anyone interested in media and communications 

I do media and communications at university, so I’m really interested in entertainment and TV production and wanted to see how it all works. This was the ideal placement, because we looked at every area of the production services, every hour we saw how an area worked. Which means we saw the whole picture, and that production services is much more than just the studio and the camera and things like that. 

You get a real overview of how everything works

I keep thinking about the Ingest Operations team, because that was really fun. It’s basically looking over content and making sure it’s delivered to the best quality. And looking back at footage that has already aired, and storing it. When I used to think about it, I thought things just aired as is, but there’s so much more to it. When we looked at quality control, the woman who talked us through it told us they watch all the content and have various things they notice that people at home wouldn’t even see. They flag it up, then that gets sent back to be reworked. I saw how colour correction works as well - that was in post-production, and it was cool because I thought everything was done by the camera. 

You get to go into the studios, which is fun 

My favourite bit was actually going to the studios - being interested in production, I found that exciting. Following a camera operator was interesting, and we were on set while they were testing, then went to the gallery where I shadowed the sound guys. I wasn’t just with sound either, I got to see how the directors and producers work in the gallery. I also loved the editing part, as it connected what i was doing at uni; I was editing a short film myself at the time with the same software! 

It will help you work out what you want to do, and how you can get there

Doing this work experience really changed my perspective regarding what I want to do; I was a little scared of not finding my way into the media and TV industry, as from the outside it seems quite closed. But there are a lot of opportunities to start working in. I don’t need to start immediately as a producer, I can start up in different area and work my way up. All the coordinating and scheduling was quite interesting - what shows are going on when, and also managing the relationship between Sky and the clients - so there was a lot for me to think about, in terms of a career! 

You get to ask a lot of questions

We did get a lot of time to ask questions, because the time we spent in the departments was more personal. You were working or shadowing particular people who were so friendly and open! We kept contact with some of the team, I sent out a couple of emails to people who did interesting roles, and Ingest Operations invited me in for a more detailed overview. Anyone interested in working in production in the media and TV industries would benefit from doing what I did, and seeing how it is all put together.