Meet Briony, Marketing Graduate

Early Careers posted on 27 Aug

"Every day I’m pushed out of my comfort zone. There’s always something which challenges me, but I think that’s great It’s the best way to learn." find out more about what Briony does at Sky here.

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Briony – Marketing Graduate

Life before Sky

I’m a graduate, I went to Newcastle University where I studied Marketing and Management. I’ve always been interested in marketing, especially the brand side of things. I did a placement at Mattel for a year and worked on the Barbie brand, which was cool! While I was there I came to Sky a few times, because of the connection with Nickelodeon (we aired ads on the channel). So I knew from those visits that this was my kind of company, and that these were my kind of people. We got a tour of the Studios, which decided it for me. I applied not feeling massively confident, because I knew they get so many applications for the graduate programmes.

I grew up in East Yorkshire, so moving down for the job was a little bit scary. A big move, but it’s been good.

I’ve never used contacts to get where I am. I went to a state school, I’m a normal girl, and I go home and people are like “you’re doing well, you’re from a small town and you’re living in London”.  For people who are from my kind of background, Sky’s a great company because you don’t have to be well-spoken and well-connected to get in. You just need to show that you work hard, which I’ve always done, and that you’re keen and determined.

Now I’m on Movies, on the Brand team, and my last rotation was with the Direct Marketing team. So it’s been varied. Every six months I get a new rotation. They make sure you get experience across all the different areas of marketing over  the two years.


Everyone I work with here is likeable and personable. That’s one of the best things about working for Sky: the people. It’s a very young  and vibrant office I work in. I felt part of the team from day one, which to me, is really important. Everyone is so ambitious and talented so it’s a really inspiring place to work.

In the Brand Marketing time it’s really varied on a day-to-day basis. I deal a lot with all the approvals, everything has to be sent to myself and another exec to check that it’s in line with our branding and messaging. It’s a lot of responsibility. I’ve also managed campaigns, for example the Sky Movies Superheroes campaign (the pop-up channel) that went live in April. I also managed our ‘Believe’ campaign which was a big deal as it was the first time Sky Movies has ever launched a film on the same day as the cinema release.

Proudest Moment

There was a big event we did with Classic FM for Sky Movies, where we partnered with Classic FM and got the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra to play famous movie soundtracks. It was absolutely amazing; Myleene Klass and Richard E. Grant presented it so meeting them obviously made it that bit more exciting! I  managed  the majority of it, working really closely with the Classic FM events team .  It was great to say “I helped do that, I helped craft this, I managed the branding, I managed the guest list” – that was a proud moment. But the real highlight is how much you change.

Looking back to what I was doing last year, I was just a student. It’s nice to think how much I’ve grown up and learnt in a year. You didn’t really think you could achieve these things at the beginning, but Sky pushes you. You have your bad days, your long hours, your stresses, but you’re never bored! Every day I’m pushed out of my comfort zone. There’s always something which challenges me, but I think that’s great It’s the best way to learn.