Meet Beya, Fast Forward intern in Sky Sports

Early Careers posted on 24 Nov

A week behind the scenes on Soccer AM

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I'm the Fast Forward Intern in Sky Sports and since I started in July have been working with the Soccer AM production team. No week is quite the same as the one that preceded it, when working on a show such as Soccer AM. I can be asked to make props, locate tapes or collect guests and although there are tasks which I need to consistently carry, out it’s never totally predictable.

My week starts on a Tuesday with the weekly ideas meeting. This meeting gives every crew member the opportunity to bring forward their thoughts, ideas and unique flavour relating to the most topical news stories; especially if it relates to football or the weeks guests. The amalgamation of thoughts and ideas create a first draft of the Saturday show. After the meeting I routinely begin my first task of the week, logging football matches - the act of watches matches in the hope of witnessing any skills, goals, or funny incidents that may feature in the show. As the most junior crew member I am given the most matches to log and this duty takes up the rest of the working day.

 On Wednesdays I have the responsibility of sending out Soccer AM mugs to lucky winners from our online competition. I have also recently begun to get into edit and prep, cut and direct an editor to produce the feature ‘Tekkers, Taxi and Tumble’. It’s especially rewarding, after hours of working on a piece, to see it used on the live show.

The next day begins with the routine logging of matches, but pickups later on as Thursday is often when we go out to shoot for a segment of the show entitled ‘Football Catchphrase’. The shoot normally takes up a couple hours of the day and involves myself, Dave (Producer), Rocket (Assistant producer) and the work experience student for the week. We drive over to our location at Chiswick playing fields and get into costume before filming. This is an experience I thoroughly enjoy, not just because it is an opportunity to get out of the office, but also because it allows me to experience all facets of production.

Fridays are my longest days with a 12 hour shift considered the norm. The day commences with a drinks run for the script meeting featuring the Director, the PA, the Presenters, the Producer and the Executive Producer. I have been able to attend this meeting and it gave me a great insight into how the input of the director and the presenters can either add to or subtract from the script. It also showed me how the process of creating the show is forever on-going, as it continues to evolve. After the script meeting, rehearsals begin. I help to set up the studio before returning to the office to log a late night Spanish or Championship game because it is never too late to make additions to the show the show.

After a busy week of preparation it’s Saturday and the day of the show, which begins with an early 7am start. At 7.30am we have the script meeting which not only lays out what the show will feature but also a meticulous to the minute schedule. Following this, I get ready for the audience’s arrival, I make sure there is a list and wristbands at the gatehouse where I will pick them up at 9.30am and escort them to security. As part of the running team on the show it can get quite hectic in the lead up to going live, in accommodating for the gallery, guests and talent. The show goes live at 10am and in complete contrast this time is much calmer and I get the chance to actually watch the show.

Once we have come off air, I pack up all of the props, clear the set and take a picture of a guest with the Soccer AM mug for the weekly online competition. Before I know it, it’s 12.25pm and I am off to enjoy the rest of my day and the weekend until it all comes back around on Tuesday.