Martin talks about the focus on the customer and what makes a great work-life balance.

Early Careers posted on 22 Sep

"As part of Change Delivery the projects I’m working on will ultimately impact millions of people."

Sky Careers

As a Project Manager I work across the whole business – which area is entirely project dependent. Change as a department sits in the Customer Service Group, so we are a voice for the customer. We are responsible for aiding the end to end delivery of Sky’s projects to time and budget, developing the processes in the projects that put the customer first.

This means that we constantly engage with stakeholder groups right across Sky. With varied projects and varied times in a project lifecycle, each day can be a new experience! It’s a fast flowing environment, which makes for an extremely engaging and enjoyable work experience.

The most enjoyable thing about my role is the people I work with and the breadth of the business that my role covers. As part of Change Delivery, we are bringing together lots of stakeholder groups in order to manage the delivery of Sky’s great projects in time. That exposure to all areas of the business during my graduate position has been indispensable. What surprised me most, was the scale of the work that we do! By that, I mean the projects I’m working on will ultimately impact millions of people.

The work life balance at Sky has been terrific. I’ve had the opportunity to work across a few different sites (Livingston and Dunfermline) - making my travel arrangements that bit more flexible. In addition, my team have a dedicated communications/engagement workstream, which means we mix work and extracurricular activities all the time! I also frequently use the Sky provided gym facilities in Dunfermline.

If I was going to offer any advice, I’d recommend that you really understand the Sky Behaviours before joining. All work that we do in Sky, regardless of your graduate scheme or job role, is done with these behaviours in mind. The ethos and culture of the work at Sky were a huge part in me applying, and everyone you speak to would say it’s these things that make Sky a great place to work.