Lewis talks about his challenging role as an Integration and Test Apprentice and the trust, support and guidance always given

Early Careers posted on 27 Sep

“One of the things that thrilled me about my work environment was how friendly everyone was and how everybody wants you to succeed.”

Sky Careers

Name:  Lewis

Age: 21

Job title / Experience you’re taking or had: Integration and Test Apprentice

Describe your role in one word: Challenging

Describe a typical day: Our department is responsible for testing the technology behind new broadcasting projects, so a typical day can involve learning how a piece of software works, pushing a system to its limit, or finding solutions to problems discovered during testing.

Describe your work/life balance at Sky? The work/life balance is great – everyone understands that you have other things going on in your personal life, and I was even able to move to a different section of our department that worked on a site nearer to home, which has been a fantastic change for me.

What do you enjoy the most about role and what’s surprised you the most? I enjoy the diverse range of projects that I may find myself working on because you never know what you might be working on next. Also, I’m always surprised by the complexity of the systems required to deliver our services and it makes me appreciate what’s going on behind the scenes when I watch TV at home!

What’s your work environment like? One of the things that thrilled me about my work environment was how friendly everyone was and how willing they were to answer my (hundreds of) questions -  everybody wants you to succeed. I appreciated this a lot so early in my career. There’s generally a relaxed culture, where you’re trusted to deliver the required work without needless supervision, although ample support is given where required. It’s also worth mentioning that the campuses I’ve worked at have been great places to work, particularly Osterley - which has had massive investments recently – the new Sky Central building including an in-house cinema and plenty of places to eat  – to name a few.

Your top application tip for people applying / what did you do to stand out? I was fortunate enough to have some work experience when I applied for the role which probably helped, but I was also able to demonstrate that I had a technical mindset (which is important for my role) through some of my A-Level subjects and my extra-curricular activities.

An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you: I have officially been the captain of an aircraft.