Learn all about the Soccer AM Work Experience from Shazad

Early Careers posted on 2 Feb

"One big thing that struck me was how everyone’s job was linked to each other"

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Name: Shazad

Role: Work Experience at Soccer AM 

You get to do a variety of things 

For the first part of the week we would research a football game between two Championship teams, and do some game logging, which is where we loaded up a football match, watched it and recorded the important parts like the goals, fouls, penalties, and stuff like that. We’d send that through, all packaged up. I also researched topics to discuss for Saturday’s show, also did research on the musical guests The Rifles, and helped with a photo shoot for the Soccer AM Christmas Special. On top of this, I sat in on a production meeting. 

You’ll also help with filming the actual show 

The lead-up day to shooting the show was really important, and also so interesting seeing how everyone works to help create the show. The day before, we had to run back to get the props and also prepare and rehearse. On the actual day, my job was to welcome the guests, speak with them a bit, and get them food and coffee or whatever they need. We’d also help with the audience coming in, too. 

You get left to your own devices

I really enjoyed packaging up the footage for the games, because it’s something I’d be doing if I go into journalism - they have to watch games and write reports, picking out the key bits, so it was useful to see how it worked. It really established what I want to, which is sports journalism, and we were about to do the packaging up all by ourselves by the end of the week. They explained it so well, and made it so easy! 

It’s all about teamwork 

One big thing that struck me was how everyone’s job was linked to each other, and they made sure everyone stayed on track. If someone had finished their work early, they would take work from someone else. It wasn’t everyone out for themselves. Also, I loved it so much that myself and my friend who was also doing work experience there ended up coming in from 9 and leaving at 6.30 even though the day was supposed to be 10-4. We didn’t want to leave!

Put any extra-curricular activities you do on the application form 

The application asked for two paragraphs explaining why you should be selected to do work experience at Sky and what you want to get out of it. It gives you a chance to emphasise your passion and, for anyone applying, I’d say make sure you put all the extra stuff you’ve done. I write a sports blog and work for the uni radio station reporting football, so that helped me get through the door. If you’re passionate about football, then emphasise that too, obviously! Because they’re all mad about football there, so you need love it just as much in order to understand what they’re talking about!