Katie and Louise share some great application tips

Early Careers posted on 26 Oct

“I’ve been very lucky to work across multiple teams and get a lot of experience”

Sky Careers

Your names:



Grad/Placement programme:              

Katie: Corporate Affairs Placement (Policy and Public Affairs Team)

Louise: Marketing Graduate

University studied at, course and graduation year:

Katie: University of Leeds, Management with Marketing, 2 years completed – graduate 2017

Louise: University of Leeds, History, graduated in 2014

What you do at Sky:

Katie: I work in the Policy and Public Affairs Team. We monitor and respond to policy issues which could affect Sky. We also manage our relationships with political stakeholders such as the Sky News Reception and Dinner at Party Conference.

Louise: I’m currently in my Below the Line Communications rotation. I work in Sky Store, helping promote our new release films via both social media and email.

Your top application tip for people applying now:   

Katie: The broader, unusual and wide ranging your interests and more you do whilst you’re at university gives you more to talk about. Try and bring a bit of personality into your application!

Louise: Research Sky so that you know it inside out, and showcase your knowledge throughout your application!

What have you enjoyed most since starting/what’s surprised you most:

Katie: Everyone is so welcoming at Sky and there’s never such a thing as stupid question. I’ve been very lucky to work across multiple teams and get a lot of experience from running events to website design to writing policy submissions to government! Sky is a very broad company and there are some incredible opportunities!

Louise: The amount of responsibility you take on right from the beginning – you aren’t treated as ‘just’ a graduate, you’re one of the team.