Interested in Production Services with Fast Forward? See what Gabrielle has to say about the programme

Early Careers posted on 23 Feb

"Working with the cameras is my favourite but I also like how the role is more people-focused than I thought it would be."

Sky Careers

Name:- Gabrielle Luu

Role: Sky Production Services Fast Forward Intern

What attracted you to the internship? I’ve always been interested in production and this offered a wider scope and variety of roles within production whereas other companies make you focus on one area. I’ve spent time working on the floor, with cameras and with auto queue.

What did you do prior to your role? I didn’t have any prior experience but knew I was interested in production and working with cameras but they’re willing to take people on with less experience and train them providing you show enthusiasm.  

Describe a typical day? In production, you work a shift pattern so the times are different, I could start at 3am or finish late at night depending on what programme I’m working on.

Describe your work life balance? No matter what you’re working on, you always have two free days back to back, but it’s not always at the weekend. At first it was difficult working odd hours but now I’m used to it and it’s worth it for the role.

What attracted you to Sky? A big well-known company that looks good on your cv, they’re willing to take you on and give you the support and training you need. They throw you into the deep end but this has helped develop my practical skills. Working with the cameras is my favourite but I also like how the role is more people focused than I thought it would be as you get to interact with others, for example, when I was working on the cameras for Saturday night football, I had to talk to the floor manager and also the makeup team to ensure the whole picture looked good.

Where do you see yourself in the future? I'd love to carry on working here, you can pick an area which you enjoyed working in and do a trail period and if they don’t keep you on then they’ll support you and you can build skills to re-apply.

What do you like most about Sky? I get to do something new each day, so it’s never boring. I get to meet loads of new people and you never know what’s going to happen.

Do you have any application tips? Remember to be professional, you’re applying for a job not making a friend so it’s important to be formal but still be yourself and let your personality show through. Try to be confident and sell yourself and your best aspects.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself? When I was 16 I did a charity sky dive.