If you’re good with numbers, and love all things finance, then being a Finance Apprentice - just like Courtney - might be the way forward.

Early Careers posted on 13 Dec

“If you’re interested in Finance, Sky is a really good company to choose”

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You basically deal with everything finance-based

It’s a two year apprenticeship, so we have one year in one role - either accounts payable or tax. I’m in the team that looks after setting up new supplier - a company or person who provide services to Sky (that could be a freelancer, or a big company doing a deal). We also make changes to current suppliers, and update records if someone changes their bank details. I also help out if someone emails in and asks when their invoice is going to be paid. 

It’s a good way to get your qualifications, while actually doing a job 

Finance is something I’ve always wanted to do, and when I looked into it, Sky apprenticeships would also put us through our CIMA exams at the same time, which are really good exams to have in the finance industry. We work, but also have time to do exams and assignments. After the first two years of studying, we do first certificate, so I’d love to finish the exams because, if you pass, you get a job!

I’d worked for a heat and insulation company within the finance department, doing claims admin, which is quite boring - it’s great to work for a company where you like what they do! I’m working on a project just now, we’re claiming back VAT from expenses and looking at missing receipts, and we’ve managed to claim back £50,000. It feels great when you can see it like that, and you can see the difference you’re making to the company. 

It’ll get you ready for working life

You’ve got to sort a time planner, you get help with time management skills, learn how to organise and run a team meeting, and also a workshop. I’ve learned how to use Outlook, send invites, and at the moment I’m about to start running a training session. Every day is completely different, you’re constantly learning, and a lot of things that come in are about problem solving. So if you’re not sure what to do, you can speak to someone else, and collaborate trying to come up with ideas. 

It’s the perfect apprenticeship if you’re into maths  

As much as it is an accountancy apprenticeship, we use spreadsheets and stuff so you’ve got to be quite good at your Excel and be good with numbers, definitely. Finance can be boring if you’re not interested - but if you’re interested in Finance, Sky is a really good company to choose, because there are so many different teams. You can move around and there’s so much to do, you never get bored. 

You can shadow all areas of the finance team 

At ART (actual reporting teams) they do the reporting and take the figures to turn them into charts and graphs to make it easier for people to understand. This year I’ll be able to shadow the ART teams, which I’m really looking forward to doing. It’s good to know all areas, because usually, for example, the tax people only know about tax and nothing else - but I’ll have a grasp on all of it, which should stand me in good stead for a future career!