Hear about Funmi's experiences in Entertainment as a Fast Forward Intern

Early Careers posted on 5 Jan

Sky Careers

Hi! I am the Fast Forward Intern working in Entertainment, and since starting this scheme in July have got to work across a range of different departments that come under Entertainment at Sky. This has essentially involved working closely with our Sky Channels including Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic and Sky Arts.

I started off in the Acquisitions department who deal with buying the programmes that end up on our Sky channels; such as Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic and Scandal on Sky Living. This was a great place to start my placement as I was able to gain a real understanding of the character of the individual Sky channels and what our viewers look for when they tune in. I was able to screen programmes before they had been released and played a part in deciding which shows we would or wouldn’t acquire. In doing this I grew more confident in articulating my opinion and learnt more about what makes a quality show (and what doesn’t!) keeping in mind the audiences that Sky appeals to. It was particularly interesting to witness the level of negotiation that needs to happen before a deal is complete and a show can officially be aired. All of this helped to broaden my awareness to just how much comes into play in order to make TV happen!

Whereas Acquisitions deal with programmes that have, for the most part, already been produced; my time in Commissioning involved following programmes from some of their earliest stages. Therefore, I often had to anticipate the potential for a show to make for interesting, engaging viewing from its initial pitching idea. I spent time across all the genres that our Sky content covers including comedy, drama and factual entertainment. It was very exciting to see various comedy and drama scripts come to life on the TV screen, witnessing the growth of various projects and realising how many different departments are involved in making one show come on air.

In Production, I was introduced to the logistical side of making television. I found that whilst a creative understanding was integral to Commissioning, having a knack for coordination was quite useful in Production. There were lots of opportunities for hands on work on set and I definitely came to appreciate the long hours and hard work that goes behind the scenes of a TV set.

My time in the Scheduling department has been another eye opener. There’s a huge amount that goes into scheduling TV programmes far more than I initially anticipated. It was interesting to discover the various thought processes that go into deciding when certain programmes are going to be played on certain channels. Always taking into consideration what other competitor channels may be showing at that time and realising that where you schedule a show has a huge effect on how many people will end up tuning in.  

And my time on the Fast Forward Scheme doesn’t end there! Later on in the year I’ll move on to many more departments including PR, marketing, music, digital and online. And I can’t wait to find out what more I’ll discover as my Fast Forward journey continues!