Funmi talks about the Fast Forward programme and the opportunities it gave her

Early Careers posted on 6 Feb

Over two years later, and my start on the Fast Forward scheme, is still opening so many doors for me

Sky Careers

Name: Funmi

Role: Previously on the Fast Foward Programme

I first joined as an intern on the Fast Forward placement scheme. This was a unique opportunity for students finishing Year 13, and interested in delving into the world o media. There were spaces available in various business areas including Sky News, Sky Sports, Sky Creative, Production Services and where I ended up – Entertainment.

During my 11 month placement, I was able to rotate around 12 departments within Entertainment. These included Acquisitions, Commissioning, Production, Scheduling, PR, Marketing, Music, On-Demand and Online.

This was a great way to get a full and in-depth overview of how TV is put together from a broadcaster’s perspective. From writing script reports for a new drama; to helping the production team on set; seeing it come together in the editing suite; devising marketing stunts for a big launch and finally seeing the finished product on-air. There are so many wonderful teams that do their part in making the brilliant content we see on TV, and as an intern, it was incredible to work so closely with each of them.

This kind of exposure was a great way to discover my own potential career paths. Coming out of education and into a dynamic business environment, it was a privilege to have an insight into the careers I could have once I completed university.

Towards the end of my placement, I was able to choose one department to go back to for an extended period, and I decided on the Acquisitions team. This is the department involved in buying content for our TV channels. Because I planned to study law after the scheme, I took an interest in how closely this team worked with the in-house lawyers, the contract work involved and all the negotiations that took place.

During this period my team selected me, to feature in Broadcast Magazine’s annual spread on the UK’s rising young people working in the media industry, highlighting my progress on the scheme that year. A huge testament to what is possible when deciding to make the most of the opportunities offered.

After this, I began studying law at university. I re-entered the academic environment with a renewed focus and broadened outlook on all that was available to me/

But I couldn’t stay away for too long and was able to re-join the Music team during my first summer break. This time I was able to handle some negotiations of my own, acquiring the music licensing rights for a new Sky 1 commission. It was great to come back and have a further in-depth experience with the team.

I'd definitely say that starting out here has had a huge impact on how I see and approach my future. Working in a large and growing business has opened me up to the vast array of opportunities that are available, and has enabled me to meet great people who’ve encouraged me to make the most of all that comes my way.

Over two years later, and my start on the Fast Forward scheme, is still opening so many doors for me. And I’m excited to see which door will open next.