Fast Forward Intern Priya has worked in the drama, comedy and production departments. If commissioning scripts and creating the next big TV show sounds like fun, why not follow in her footsteps?

Early Careers posted on 24 Nov

Sky Careers

You’ll move all over the departments

You move around so much, it’s the perfect internship for anyone who wants to go into TV but doesn’t know what specifically.  I’ve been here less than two months and moved around four times already! I was in production, then drama, factual, comedy and now I’m doing production management. My favourite is production, there was a new show being filmed called The Big Spell, I was a runner on that helping everyone out. I got thrown in the deep end, and I’m glad, because I’m not sure what element of TV I want to go into, which is why the internship is really great. Hopefully this year will help me decide - there are so many jobs I didn’t even know existed!

Your days are different depending on what department you’re in

In drama and comedy departments, you’re with the people getting sent submissions and scripts. We’d read through them and watch rough cuts (videos) if they’d filmed stuff, and I got trained to make notes on people’s scripts on what I thought was good or not so good for the meetings.For the production department, I’d do any little jobs people needed, so on The Big Spell, which is a spelling bee show, they needed someone to log the words that the kids were spelling, which I got to do.

In factual, I got to go out to a few production companies and spent the day working up ideas for shows with them. I was at one of them for two days, and one time I was brainstorming programme ideas, looking at previous shows, and spent a day in the edit where they cut down all the clips to create an entire show. 

You might get an idea of which job you’d like to do

Where I’ve been, in drama and comedy, the Commissioning Editor job is a cool job. I’m quite interested in that, and from what I can see, I like the way they get to decide on which scripts get made, because you get to see it through the whole way. When I was in production on the spelling bee show, the Commissioning Editor was there the whole time - he saw it through from an idea right through to the edit. I’d like to see everything!

It’s all about the people, and the Sky campus (which is amazing)

I think pretty much anyone would suit this job provided you’re interested in media, and while it’s difficult going into a new department where everyone knows each other, everyone’s so nice and welcoming. They all say they’ve been in your shoes, and they know what it’s like. On my lunchbreak, I meet up with some of the other interns, check the Sky intranet for what food the restaurants are serving and then choose the best place for lunch. There are so many options and they’re all really cheap. Getting a pizza or pasta from the Loft is my favourite, but only as a treat. The campus is absolutely amazing - especially for food.