Ever wanted to do work experience at Sky Sports News like Theo?

Early Careers posted on 15 Nov

"Get prepared and then go for the opportunity!"

Sky Careers

If you want to work in sports journalism - apply!

I got this work experience through applying on the website, and what I’d say to anyone who wants to get experience here, is just to apply! Before I applied for my first work experience, I thought it must be something for people more experienced than me, and it was really out of my reach, but I got brave and went for it. I do stuff outside of uni which helped me - I work in community radio and I’d done work experience at other similar companies. But if you do stuff at uni, that shows you’re keen. When you get here they’ll know you want it, and they can see you know what you’re talking about. Get prepared and then go for the opportunity!

Expect a busy schedule

It’s really good, but there’s quite a bit to get through in the day - I’m on the planning team for three days, which is helping the team prepare for what’s happening the following day. I’ve been on rugby union, football, and boxing. Basically, I do research on the current form of teams at the moment, how they’re doing in the leagues, and coming up with questions for the reporters who are going to interview them the following day.

It’s surprisingly friendly

I thought it’d be a bit scary, and nobody would want to talk to me, but I’ve most enjoyed how friendly everyone is! They’re really welcoming, and you get random people coming up and introducing themselves. They’re also really open to questions, and not like ‘I’m busy don’t talk to me!’ which is a relief…

You’ll have to try and pretend you’re not star struck

The best thing is meeting all the people I admire on the TV. Jim White is one of my favourite presenters and seeing him every day is so weird. It’s weird because you see them all the time but they have no idea who you are so I have to be like “BE NORMAL”.

You won’t just be working on football

Personally I’m most into football, but you can’t put all your eggs in one basket, so I want to learn more across the board. Over the last year or two, I’ve got into more sports so if an opportunity arises, I’d be able to take it and then eventually move into football. I’m not there yet - maybe if karate came up, I’d have no idea what to say still! But when you start the work experience, they ask you what area you’re most interested in - so you can be specific.

If you wanted to be an editor, you can work with them, or if you want to do the digital and production side, there are opportunities. I’ve got friends who’ve done work experience here before and got stuff published on the site. Next week, I’ll be going to the live production team, and I’ll go and shoot with a reporter. I’m probably the most excited about that because I’ll get to see exactly how they do it, and I’ve been into TV and radio since I was really young so it’s really exciting!