Emily's Work Experience with Sky Media, led to her getting a permanent role with us

Early Careers posted on 19 Jan

"The Work Experience tasks are really interesting and very creative"

Sky Careers

Name: Emily

Role: Work Experience at Sky Media 

Sky Media is all about advertising. And it’s fascinating.  

Basically, we are the advertising side of the business, so we decide what adverts go where. If you’re booking the football adverts, you’ll be booking in men’s campaigns rather than adverts for mascara targeted at women. It’s a bit stereotypical, yes, but we get fed loads of information from the IDS - Insight and Decision Science - department who tell us the gender split of who is watching what, so it’s all based on fact.

It’s open to a range of different people

There were about four of us, and we were all in different places in our lives. There was someone had just left school and wasn’t sure what they wanted to do, someone on their gap year, a girl who was about to go to uni, and I had just finished uni. I’d studied Classics, which wasn’t particularly relevant to marketing! 

The work experience tasks are really interesting and very creative 

We met with all the different teams and departments, learnt what they did, and then they gave us a task. One of them was to come up with a brand that would fit in with a programme, and could work as a sponsorship deal. You know, like product placement and that sort of thing. We got modern family and chose Ikea as the brand because, in Modern Family, they have those little dents where they’re all in frames. We thought they could be Ikea frames. Another task was for a film, and we had to come up with ways of advertising it through TV, sponsorship, and different websites. At the end of the week, you did a bigger pitch where we had to pitch back to the company, over the phone, about why they should advertise with Sky. 

It can also lead to a job!

I was looking for work at the time, and a lady from HR talked to us about Sky Media and the roles and different things you can do. I handed in my CV and got an interview two weeks later. The next day I found out I’d got the job - it was a similar thing to the work experience I’d done, but focussing on TV advertising. I started as an assistant for that in March and got promoted in November, so now I handle my own account. 

You can see the adverts you’ve placed on TV 

I’m in charge of Zenith, a media agency who will tell me if one of the brands they work with are interested in advertising, and where they’re thinking of going. Then I manage the account to make sure that everything is booked into what it should be, and I speak to the agencies every day on the phone. I show them where their products are. If you see Toyota adverts in the football ad breaks on Sky - that’s me! IDS send us emails every day with all the ratings, how many people have seen the adverts, and what the gender split is. I really love working out the best place and time for a brand to slot into, it’s really satisfying!