After completing his Customer Service Work Experience, Declan was offered a role with us

Early Careers posted on 19 Jan

"The call centres may just change your opinion on call centres"

Sky Careers

Name: Declan

Role: Customer Service Work Experience 

This is a great role if you like helping people 

Personally, I wouldn’t count anyone out of this job. Everyone and everybody could do it - provided you’re good at talking to people, understanding and like helping people. You’ve got to be friendly and have a bit of a sense of humour when talking to customers, but it’s really great when I get a caller who is into sport. Then I’ve got them in the palm of my hand and we can have a really great chat - because sport is what I’m passionate about! 

You learn about all different areas of customer service, to see what suits you 

The work experience was such an eye opener. It opened a door for me. When I came for work experience, I was thinking that I really have to treat this like proper work. Some people from school who did work experience too weren’t, but I thought that Sky was a good company to work for so I went for it. We got shown the sales floor, spoke to the customer service department, I also learned about the engineering side - where I got to help set up a dish - and the stuff that happens in the back office. You think about Sky TV and broadband, but you don’t know what’s actually behind the scenes.

The sales floor is a lot of fun 

Before you hit the sales floor, you learn everything about how to sell the products, and then you team up with someone who works for Sky for 20 minutes. You listen to how they make the calls, what they say to customers, how they go out selling Sky and, obviously, it was nothing like anything I’d experienced before. As the week went on, I found out about the apprenticeship and, halfway through the week, I was determined to get a job here. There weren’t any applications still open, but I begged so much that he put me through! I was 20 minutes on the metro before I got a call saying to come in for an interview!

The call centres may just change your opinion on call centres

At first, I didn’t want to work in call centres because of what I’d heard from my friends and family - but when I came here, this was the complete opposite to what I expected. It’s such a lovely environment to work in. You feel like everyone is your friend and, while other call centres can be a bit formal and intimidating, this is really laid-back. You take calls, try to sell as much as you can, and it doesn’t feel like I’m an apprentice - it feels like I actually work here! I sell Sky Q, Sky Plus, Sky TV and Sky Broadband. I also help people with billing and updates, too. 

You do your coursework for the apprenticeship as you go along 

Between calls I can work on coursework, and someone comes into work every month to set us a deadline. We have to do two pieces of coursework that he checks and goes through. It’s not hard, because it’s general information that you learn on the job, and as the job goes on. It’s about personal experience on the phones, and thankfully there are no exams or anything - which is really helpful if you’re not an exam person. Also, you’re not alone doing it, all of you are doing it together!