One of our Home Service Engineers went the extra mile to help out a family in need

Doing the right thing posted on 8 Apr

Steven Rimell has been working together with colleagues from across Sky to give one customer a level of service he definitely wasn’t expecting… and help out a family in need.

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We caught up with Steven to find out how he is playing his part in offering the best service in the country…

“I was booked in for a service call at Mr Dodd’s home as some of their Sky channels were ‘missing’. The first thing I noticed was that the family had an old Grundig box, which they had installed in 2001.

"We got talking, as you do with your customers, and Mr Dodd asked me if he needed to subscribe to the HD pack to get the Sky Sports F1 channel, as his son loved F1 but they couldn’t afford Sky Sports. He also mentioned Multiscreen as his son enjoyed Disney and Sky’s other children’s channels, but was spending more and more time in his bedroom and, like some of our customers, the cost was just a step too far for them.

"Mr Dodd introduced me to his son, Ryan, and immediately I could tell he wasn’t well. He shared with me that Ryan had recently been diagnosed with Leukaemia, and that’s when the whole story unfolded.

"Mrs Dodd had had to give up her job to care for Ryan, and Mr Dodd is on leave with reduced pay as they have to go to Alder Hey Hospital three times a week for Ryan’s treatment. The local community had organised fund raising events and managed to raise some money to help out over Christmas and pay for travelling expenses to hospital.

"I think anyone with the slightest hint of compassion would have left there thinking that had to do something. And now it was my turn to help. I posted my story on our internal social network, Chatter, and within 48 hours it had 447 likes and 216 comments. More importantly, the offers of support from people across Sky were overwhelming.

"We’ve managed to get Mr Dodd on the ‘£25 for 25 months’ offer, with free Multiroom for a year and a new 2TB box – plus some F1 goodies for Ryan. It’s a few small things for Sky, but it will mean so much to a fantastic family with an inspirational little boy.”

Steven has since been back out to see Mr Dodd and his family to install their new box and relocate their existing box to Ryan’s bedroom.

Mr Dodd said, “It's not every day a big company take the time to do something this special for one of their customers and we are so grateful. You have made our lives, and especially Ryan's, that little bit better. Thank you."