We love selling Sky

Delivering brilliantly posted on 14 May

Our retail sales colleagues tell us about what makes their jobs so special and what they love about selling Sky.

We’re one of the most recognised brands in the country. The quality and sheer breadth of our products and services mean we can appeal to pretty much everyone. But demonstrating exactly what Sky can do and how it can make a difference to people is a real talent.

Whether you’re showing customers the best of Sky in the comfort of their own homes, at one of our retail stores, out and about in a mobile events vehicle or in one of our partnership supermarkets, we’ll rely on you to give people an amazing experience and the information they need to make the right decision. We know it’s not a simple job, but with our great products and services, and brilliant employee benefits – including free Sky+HD, Talk and Broadband – we try to make it as easy and rewarding as possible.