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Technology and Product Development

Technology is at the heart of everything we do at Sky. It drives the game-changing innovations that we’re renowned for – developing new products and services that give every one of our customers the experience they want and strengthens our position in a highly competitive marketplace.

We design, develop and look after the systems and products that support our customer base, develop apps for smartphones and tablets and deliver corporate systems to support our thousands of employees.

Sky Careers


From content capture and production, through to post production and distribution, here you’ll design, develop, operate and maintain our broadcast infrastructure – keeping Sky on air and allowing our customers to watch brilliant entertainment when they want, on whichever device they choose.

Infrastructure and Support

Sky Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our Operations Engineers and Customer Business Systems professionals look after the business-critical systems that allow everyone at Sky to do their jobs, and improve how we look after our customers.

Leeds Technology

This is where you’ll get to work on some of our most popular digital platforms. We've created a brand new tech hub and are offering skilled people like you a unique opportunity to help shape our award-winning digital products. These roles are focused on developing Sky’s next generation of websites and apps across our services, which will reach millions of customers.


Here you’ll focus on delivering the highest-quality voice, broadband and telephony network – not to mention market-leading services – to our customers, as well as making sure our internal networks are in excellent shape.

Project Management

When you work in an industry where innovation is delivered at a breakneck pace, you need people who can deliver on time, on budget, within the agreed scope and to the quality expected by a FTSE 100 company. Project managers at Sky do it all.

Software and Product Development

We Believe in Better. Which is why we invest so much in this area of our business. We give our talented team of experts all the resources they need to create, develop and deliver our core television and communications products, software and services that raise the bar and pioneer innovation in our industry.