From Sky Entertainment to Marketing TV Production, Alice tells us what it's like to be a Senior Procurement Manager

The people behind sky posted on 16 Nov

"No day is ever the same for me – could be on location on a shoot, meeting suppliers for relationship development and capability scoping, meeting internally regarding content the business may be producing and more"

Sky Careers

Name: Alice Triffitt

Job title: Senior Procurement Manager – Production

What area of Sky do you work in? Group Procurement. I work with Entertainment, Sky Creative, Sky Vision, VR and Marketing TV Production.

How long have you worked at Sky? Almost 6 years 

How many roles have you had since you’ve been at Sky?  2 – promoted from Procurement Manager to Senior Manager 

What’s your top tip or advice for someone looking to develop their career? The sky is your limit! Believe in yourself, be yourself and be bold in your ambitions!

What do you specialise in? Television Production – my background is almost 20 years working in the Freelance TV world as Production Manager and Head of Production of various Independent Production companies.

A few past example shows I have worked on: BAFTAs, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Let’s Dance for Comic Relief, various police and restricted access factual shows to name a few!

Sky has created a bespoke and rarely known role in Group Procurement; whereby I get to combine my extensive TV production experience with my commercial skills that have flourished since being here, as I was sponsored to complete my MCIPS! (Member of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply - Industry professional qualification)

Not only that but I am encouraged to continue proactively launching initiatives to continuously improve the way we produce content across the Sky Group (an area that has not been supported by procurement before!). For eg I am currently working with Marketing to maximise value on screen on TVC Campaigns – already since Jan I am proud through working collaboratively with Marketing, we have shown substantial benefit. Nothing like getting more bang for our buck, whilst still ensuring we bring our creative ambitions to life with super high production value!

As well as all of this, Sky have also always encouraged me and supported my passion in dance! I have been teaching at the on site gym since working here – and I find it especially rewarding to empower my colleagues that attend and also it is amazing to see that it helps building confidence and brings joy to others – dance fitness and great tunes really gets our endorphins flowing!!!

What does a typical day for you look like? No day is ever the same for me – could be on location on a shoot, meeting suppliers for relationship development and capability scoping, meeting internally regarding content Sky may be producing, assessing different production methods and TV tech workflow innovation to planning strategy for continuously improving the content area ways of working and driving efficiency to Maximise Value On Screen! 

Tell us about a project that you’re most proud of and why? I’m proud to have taken part in the Women in Leadership Programme; a company-wide initiative proactively aiming for equal gender balance – AND I am now happy to be one of our Events Leads for our employee-run network, Women@ Sky! The idea being that we build up a community of both men and women to support each other in making this happen; Some may think this network is just for women – well it’s not… if we don’t have male advocates, how are we going to get the support we need to achieve gender balance?