Meet Minahil and learn all about her role as a Media Sales Assistant.

The people behind sky posted on 18 May

"Confidence is key when having interviews. I was quite timid at the beginning of my interview but then the friendliness made me quickly realise that there’s nothing to be nervous about. "

Sky Careers

Name:  Minahil Chaudhry

Job title: Media Sales Assistant

What area of Sky do you work in?  SPOT Sales, Sky Media

When did you start with us? I started on the 2nd April 2018

Describe the recruitment, interview and on-boarding process: The recruitment process was very well-organised. As I had taken on the Sky Media Work Experience, I had the opportunity to meet the recruiter for Sky Media. I sent the job application and he received it rather quickly. The interview was nothing like I had imagined it to be. It was an incredibly casual and comfortable atmosphere, this had calmed my nerves right away, as the interviewers were so friendly and considerate. The boarding process was very efficient and only took a few steps to complete. The online portal had easy access to and I had no difficulty navigating through it. This had given me the reassurance that the company had all the required information for me to begin working.

What were your first impressions of the team and company culture? Beginning a completely new work environment is usually quite intimidating, however the whole team were so welcoming and made it so easy for me to settle in. My colleagues were very helpful in the sense that they were teaching me how to use the software. As a starter, I also attended an induction which had given me a full insight of the different departments of Sky Media. Getting to know the company in greater depth allowed me to see how this calm and friendly atmosphere was in other departments too. This is when I knew that this was an impressive company to work at!

What’s your career journey been like up until now? Coming straight out of sixth form, into the world of work was a huge step for me. I’d worked in events management before and done work experience related to journalism. I’ve always been very interested in Media, so I took on the Sky Media Work Experience. I got a lot of insight of how the different departments worked and knew I wanted my first fulltime job role to be here, which the work experience really facilitated me in doing so!

If you were considering jobs with other companies at the time what made you choose your next career step with Sky? It was a great step for me to progress in my life, in terms of confidence, experience and the ability to progress in my new career! It allows you to build yourself up and work your way up.

Now that you’re settled in a little, what are you most looking forward to / aspirations? I’m looking forward to learning new things about my job role and because the company always has extraordinary changes going on, I would love to witness and be part of these changes, which could potentially boost my career!

What have you been most impressed with so far? I’ve been so impressed with the friendly and calm atmosphere here. I would have never expected it because It’s such a huge company. I also love the diversity here and how everyone is so comfortable with each other, despite being colleagues.

What does a typical day working here look like for you? A typical day for me is usually sending all the schedules out to the Media Agencies to see if their targets have been achieved by us. Then I usually book up adverts and reach the ratings the Agency would like. I appreciate the responsibility of me putting in the effort to allow the advert to be seen on TV. It’s so cool when you can see adverts you’ve booked on TV!

What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? Always keep a look out for opportunities like work experience on the Sky Careers website. Work experience can give you such a head start when applying for a role, I can’t stress that enough! That’s how I managed to secure my job here. Another key tip is to be confident. Confidence is key when having interviews. I was quite timid at the beginning of my interview but then the friendliness made me quickly realise that there’s nothing to be nervous about. A final thing which is so important is having faith and hope in yourself and don’t give up so soon. Persistence and resilience shows commitment, so be committed to what your passionate about and your time will soon shine!