Media Sales Assistant by day, but what does Gerald do in his spare time

The people behind sky posted on 15 Nov

"Those adverts you're looking at.. I booked them"

Sky Careers

NameGerald Olukunle Obidipe

Job title: Media Sales Assistant

What area of Sky do you work in?  I work in the advertising arm of Sky in Ireland - Sky Media.

What’s your career journey been like up until now?  Well I’ve had a funny one. First of studied Insurance in college back in Nigeria but coming here many years ago and not having the right documents to work I had to do anything I could find at first. So I’ve worked as a security official in a pharmacy to being a night porter/barman/night receptionist at a local hotel for 2yrs- [exciting experience dealing 1st hand with people directly, especially when they are too happy].

Then I got a proper job after my docs were sorted handling breakdown insurance customers at third party agency for a bigger insurance company.

Spent a week doing construction work at some point and then after few breaks ended up here in service just when Sky Ireland was launching and gaining foot here. I feel like I’m part of the whole Sky Ireland story because I watched them begin and grow of course on the leverage of the already big company.

I worked across several depts. In Sky Ireland- from retentions to service to broadband tech and finally NLP – New line Provide – About 3years doing all that. Then another break for 2 years doing what I’ll tell you later.. And now I’m in Sky Media.

What does a typical day working here look like for you? In Sky Media it’s very much different from my previous roles in service or the other depts. Firstly for the fact that we do not deal directly with customers. We work with agencies and companies, selling them premium advert spots across the business’s rich reach all across Europe ensuring that their businesses reach the desired audiences. Sometimes we also have to make them aware of great opportunities and new ideas like Adsmart.

But for my role as a media assistant to make it simple we are the engine room after all the big deals are done. We manually book the advert spots and get the schedules for ad campaigns. Monitor delivery and efficiency while reporting back to agencies and clients.

If you’ve been here over one year, how have you made a difference in your role? I’m only 2 months in my role but as always I’m learning and gearing up for my big moment. It’s quite exciting for me as I’ve always been into entertainment, media and all that so I can’t wait to see what twist I can bring either to make day operations and processes smoother to coming up with the next big idea here. I’m ambitious.

What’s been your proudest moment since working here? I’m only 2 months here so I think I’m still in the grasp all you can mode – but if I’m to keep it very simple I’d say a day I’m determined to get a campaign online at all cost. I challenge myself a lot.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? The fact that I feel like I’m part of something really important and big that we don’t have to wait years to see. I book your advert spots daily and for the people at home – well those adverts you looking at. I booked them. I know it’s silly but on a serious note even at that level I think that’s cool.

Describe your work/life balance? I believe I have a good work life balance because I have the weekends off always, which gives me time to catch up on any extra activities I might still want to engage in.

What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? From me I would say be determined. Don’t over think it sometimes or else you’ll always procrastinate. If things don’t work you would definitely have learned a thing or two. But they will work if you are determined.

An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? Now this is the part I said I’d tell you later.  It all ties into why I love my new role here. Media Sales assistant by day.. Upcoming rapper/artist by night. But yes I make my own music … hip, afro infusion, rap.. The whole works.. Videos on youtube , I get radio airplay both here and back home in Nigeria , you can find me on every major digital platform from Spotify to deezer to soundcloud under my stage name SEMA TECINO.

And oh a final sweetener… I once made a 40’’ sec ish ad for sky – its also on

YouTube  ‘’Sema Tecino – Sky Ad in Rap’’