From Marketing Analyst to Insight Analyst, Read Diego's career journey here

The people behind sky posted on 10 Jan

"The business encourages you to go beyond your day to day role and learn new things."

Sky Careers

Name:  Diego Morillas   

Job title: Insight Analyst

What area of Sky do you work in?  NOW TV -  Data intelligence team

What’s your career journey been like up until now?  After graduating with a degree in Management, I spent 2 years working as a marketing analyst and account executive. Right after this, I moved here where I worked at NOW TV as insight executive for retail, and I am currently working as a data analyst for Data Intelligence team at NOW TV. 

What does a typical day working here look like for you?  At the start of the week, I meet with my colleagues to discuss what is happening around the business and what are the different projects that each of us is working on. It is the perfect moment to get an updated on the business's performance and create synergies across the team. Every project I worked on is different, which makes my day to day very interesting. I tend to work with many stakeholders, e.g. CRM, Trading, and E-commerce, so there is not a single day in which I am not able to learn something new and applicable to my role and long-term career plan.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? Working with so many different people across the business. This has been a fantastic experience. I feel so lucky to meet so many friendly and smart colleagues who make me feel inspired to do better every day.

The business encourages you to go beyond your day to day role and learn new things. Hence, opportunities to develop are abundant. You can work on improving your soft skill, e.g. stakeholder management, presentation skills, learning to manage. You can also work on your technical skills, e.g. statistical modelling, data visualization, coding, etc. I am a very eager person always looking to learn something new, and up until now, I have not run out of new courses to learn from.