Interested in Strategy? Hear from Des who joined the team in 2018

Early Careers posted on 4 Oct

'Don't be afraid to be yourself!'

Sky Careers

What is your background (University, degree, work experience)?

I studied Biomedical Engineering at Imperial as an undergrad and I am currently at UCL, studying for a PhD in Tissue Engineering

What are the opportunities and challenges of being on the Sky strategy internship?

The opportunities are to dive head first into challenging and impactful projects, and to interact and collaborate with senior people in the team for the get go. The challenges are the fast pace of the job, to manage multiple projects simultaneously and to present to senior members of the team.

How would you describe the culture and people at Sky in a few words?

Intelligent, Innovative, Passionate, Friendly

What are your favourite TV shows?

Veep is my all-time favourite comedy, current favourites include Atlanta, Westworld and Billions.

What advice can you give to future applicants?

Do your research in Sky and show your passion for the industry. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!