Andrew talks development and opportunity in the Strategy team

Early Careers posted on 4 Oct

'Take up as much responsibility as you can handle'

Sky Careers

What attracted you to Sky in the first place?

I wanted to work somewhere that I could have an impact on products/services I actually used in my life. Sky is also a great place to work in terms of perks and work life balance.

What are you working on or what have been the highlights that you have worked on?

During my time at Sky, I  have worked on projects across a wide range of areas – Sports, Broadband, Sales & marketing. I think the most interesting project was looking at how we can better serve the needs of older customers. I currently work within the Strategy team in NOW TV, helping answer questions around Sky’s strategy in the OTT space.

What are the opportunities and challenges of being on the Sky strategy graduate programme?

I think the greatest opportunity is the freedom the graduate programme gives you to take up as much responsibly as you can handle. You get a range of learning opportunities at organised sessions to work on a variety of skills. There are also more specific opportunities available through your team and an online leaning portal. A challenge of working at Sky is to adjust the fast paced environment.

How would you describe the culture and people at Sky in 3-5 words?

Fun, fast-paced, challenging

What advice can you give to future applicants?

Make sure you’ve researched Sky and can show a real passion for what we do.