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It’s our people that make Sky Europe’s leading entertainment company. That’s why we work hard to be an inclusive employer, so everyone at Sky can be their best. Scroll down to learn more about our focus areas.

Women in leadership

We believe that having a gender balanced leadership team makes us a better business. We reflect who our customers are, draw on different and varied experiences, have diverse ideas and opinions. Today a third of our senior leaders are women.  Our aim is to move that to a half.

To ensure we reach a 50/50 split, we’re doing three things.  Firstly, we’re levelling the playing field, for example through 50/50 shortlists for all senior positions.  Secondly, we’re supercharging the great women already working for us through our Women in Leadership Sponsorship and Development programme; and, thirdly we’re attracting the best talent to work for us, for example through targeted marketing. We always want the best person for the role, and this initiative will help more talented women to succeed.

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Helping everyone to start out

We’re committed to levelling the playing field by ensuring young people can gain access to the world of work and helping them make informed decisions about their future. Through all our Early Careers programmes we provide top tips and guidance to ensure that anyone coming through our doors has the best chance to succeed.

We offer 1000 work experience opportunities every year, all of which are advertised online, and places are awarded purely on merit, plus all participants can claim £15 a day to help cover their expenses. And by working in partnership with organisations such as MAMA Youth we’re supporting diversity across our talent pipeline.

Employee Network

Employee networks help us and our people to succeed by connecting communities and empowering everyone to be themselves. As a result we encourage our networks to support and inspire their members and continue to make Sky a great place to work.

Two of our networks include:

Parents@Sky  - a network for working parents, developed and run by working parents. Over 1400 employees are now members which gives them access to the online forum, website, webinars and workshops.

LGBT – provides professional and social networking opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. Each year the network participates in Pride events across the country, engaging both our employees and customers with our commitment to diversity

Achievements and memberships

It’s really important we make Sky a great place to work for everyone. We work with external organisations and continuously benchmark our progress to make sure this happens. See below for our achievements and memberships:

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