Want to know what's like doing a Work Experience at Sky Sports News HQ? Sid tells all

Early Careers posted on 12 Apr

"My stint has been invaluable and one that I will cherish"

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Name:  Sid

Role: Work Experience Placement - Sky Sports News HQ

In March 2017, I had the opportunity to join Sky Sports News HQ, on a two-week placement. It had always been an ambition of mine to experience working there and I jumped at the opportunity. My intention was clear – I wanted to make the most of my short stint, learning as much as I could, in addition to contributing to the channel’s programming, and meeting professionals who had set benchmarks in the industry.

Despite my aspirational goals, I was able to achieve all that and more, owing only to how well structured the programme, and how encouraging the organisational culture was. I spent my first week with the Planning team, who invited me to share ideas and gave me constructive feedback every step of the way. The hands-on approach of the programme continued into my second week, when I joined the Digital and Production teams. I learnt about the workflow and was presented opportunities to create content for both linear and digital platforms, greatly adding to my portfolio.

Each of the two weeks culminated in me shadowing a reporter during a press conference, which significantly enhanced my understanding of the preparation that goes into reporting. This was especially exciting for me, as I hadn’t experienced a presser in the UK before. Remarkably, I was allowed to choose how I wanted to spend my limited time at SSN HQ, adding flexibility to an already well-rounded programme.

What really stood for me, however, was the organisational culture – people across the board were welcoming and always up for a chat. During these two weeks, I met some senior executives, who were very generous with their time, despite their busy schedules. It was also a truly diverse workplace, which made it even more attractive to young professional like myself. The passion people shared for the Sky brand was tangible, with professionals acting like true ambassadors.

The programme gives young people a chance to experience what it’s like to work for a broadcaster that has consistently set the gold standard in sports news reporting. The environment not only encourages initiative but rewards it, inviting people to create content, and giving them a platform to showcase it. My stint, albeit short, has been invaluable and one that I will cherish indeed.